The Best Spotify Wrapped Memes of 2022
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The Best Spotify Wrapped Memes of 2022

Jasmyne Jeffery December 1, 2022

With the release of Spotify Wrapped 2022 and the additions of Wrapped Personalities, the memes to come from it have been better than ever. Countless fans have taken to social media to share the best Spotify Wrapped memes of 2022.

Although we all love looking at our yearly round-up (particularly if you’re a data freak like us!), what we all *really* love is all the memes that come from Spotify Wrapped 2022. Whether it’s using the template, sharing your embarrassing stats or a little self-deprecation, we are here for and loving the Spotify Wrapped memes.

The Best Spotify Wrapped Memes of 2022

Fans took to Twitter to share their best memes for everyone to have a giggle at, and find a tad relatable.

Even if your Spotify Wrapped is embarrassing and cringe, we all have to stick by our favourite tracks.

When you’re playlist is a hit because your heart has been broken one too many times…

When your music taste is…varied to say the least.

You might not get commonality or variety in your Spotify personality, but you’ll certainly be a devoted replayed. We all love Ted Lasso anyway…

Sometimes you listen to a song but don’t really understand it. That’s when Spotify Wrapped 2022 reminds you how old you actually are…

Somehow, Midnights was our top album of the year, despite it only being released 10 days before Spotify stopped collecting data. So, how surprised were we really when TS was our top artist too?

It seems that it really is me, hi! I’m the problem it’s me…

And more often than not, Spotify Wrapped is a little more accurate than we want it to be.

You Spent 525,600 Minutes This Year Meme

The most common and exposing template of all. A Spotify meme that really highlights what you’ve been doing this year. And yes, before you question it, there are 525,600 minutes in a year and you better have Rent stuck in your head now.

Crying seems to be a common thing that happened which shows we’re all just powering through together.

All the creatives out there are slowly realising that another year is ending and those projects still aren’t finished.

Maybe a tad too much and a bit unproductive, but nobody is judging here.

That’s a wrap on the best Spotify Wrapped memes of 2022! We’ve loved seeing all your data, but we’ve loved the memes even more. Until next year!

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