What Is Air Mattress Ashley? TikTok Trend Explained With Great Examples
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What Is An Air Mattress Ashley? TikTok Trend Explained With Hilarious Examples

Jasmyne Jeffery February 18, 2023

There have been multiple tests going viral on TikTok which intend to tell us something different about our relationships and who we are as partners. However, the latest trend may be the ultimate test of all. Partners are making hilarious responses to the ‘cheating with air mattress Ashley’ meme, showing they shouldn’t be messed with. If you’re after an explanation, we can do just that.

We all love a cutesy love character test or adorable edits to make with our partners, but they don’t show all aspects of a relationship. Enter the new TikTok trend which highlights the power of women after your man. Thankful or laughable, women have responded to the meme in their thousands.

What Is An Air Mattress Ashley On TikTok?

Urban Dictionary defines this type of girl as someone your boyfriend or partner cheats on you, despite them being a lot less attractive than you.

Basically, you would be likened to a memory foam king-size mattress, whereas they’re more on the air mattress level. Ashleys are known as homewreckers, splitting up marriages for the fun of it.

The meme revolves around how women would react to these ‘steal your man’ women trying to get their partner to cheat. Or, they’re thanking the ‘Ashleys’ for showing your boyfriend or husband’s true colours. Though the woman is completely fictional, different videos are using what she represents to talk about real cheating scenarios in their lives.

Some women are even using the air mattress Ashley TikTok trend to show how unbothered they are about these women, trusting their partners completely.

Whether you love her, hate her or mock her, you have to admit that an Air Mattress Ashley is pretty helpful and testing your boyfriend’s commitment to you.

Hugely popular, the hashtag #airmattressashley has 4.5 million views. The thousands of videos attached to it use the ‘Mr Wired Up’ audio, giving them a little bit of an edge.

Some videos have stemmed in response to one video where a woman calls out wives for not treating their husbands ‘properly’. She threatens that they’ll be at her house instead, where she’ll provide for them better.

Hilarious Examples Of The Cheating With Ashley Meme

The videos in response to the air mattress Ashley meme are hilarious and show all the different types of women out there. If you’re considering making your own or just want some hilarious examples, then we’ve got you covered.

This video is thanking air mattress Ashleys for doing the one chore we all hate. Nobody wants trash in the house longer than it needs to be.

This Ashley is defending her name and sticking up for women that have husbands who fall for one of the bad ones.

Proving she has a good egg, no amount of temptation will ever take him away from his wife.

Completely unbothered by any threats of cheating, this video proves the woman knows her worth and so does her husband.

This woman makes a good point. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do, if a man is going to cheat, he’ll do it!

We’re all so much better than just fighting over men. No man is worth what you are, so there’s no point holding on to a bad one even after an air mattress Ashley.

The hilarious responses to the meme sum up how we all feel about cheating. However, let’s not be normalising cheating or pitting women against one another. We’re all better than that, even if it does give us a funny meme template.

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