While the FIFA Men’s World Cup is currently underway in Qatar, many football fans are looking forward to next summer, when the next women’s tournament will be played in Australia and New Zealand. And they will be wondering how to get tickets for the Women’s World Cup 2023.

With the Euros drawing in swathes of fans and playing host to record attendance numbers earlier this year, the Women’s Football World Cup is guaranteed to be an explosive month.

The group stage will kick off on July 20, and the final will be held on August 20. Tickets have already been released for every stage and are available for purchase now.

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FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Final Draw
Photo by Joe Allison – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

How can I get tickets for the tournament?

Single match passes for the 2023 Women’s World Cup are already on sale to the general public, which means that you can grab yours up until March 3, 2023.

Tickets can be bought from the FIFA World Cup website (here) and there are separate ticket portals for residents of New Zealand and Australia.

If you have bought your tickets separately from your family and friends, you can request to be seated next to them by entering their ticket purchase number on the Ticket Purchase Summary Page.

There are some restrictions on purchasing tickets and you cannot buy tickets to multiple matches on the same day, as FIFA AUS/NZL does not allow this.

How much are World Cup 2023 tickets?

FIFA has said that the single match pass prices have been set to be “both accessible and family-friendly to ensure full stadiums across both host countries.”

Tickets for the opening match will cost between $30-$80 (NZD) for adults and between $15-30 for children. Group stage tickets cost between $20-$60 for adults and tickets for the Round of 16 will set4 you back between $30-$60.

Finals tickets are priced between $40 and $120 for adults and $20-$60 for children. You can see the full list of ticket prices here.

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