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How To Do Yoga From Home As A Student

Zoe Kramer November 23, 2022

Yoga is a great way to unwind and work on mindfulness. It’s also great for your body, targeting muscles you don’t always use in your day-to-day, both strengthening and working on flexibility. But going to a yoga studio every week might not be compatible with your schedule. Here’s how you can gain all the benefits of yoga on your own time, without leaving your house.

Choose your space

All you need to practice yoga is enough space to fit your yoga mat, making it an ideal hobby to do in uni halls and student houses. Try to find somewhere where your chances of noises or distractions are likely to be at a minimum, so you can tune out the outside world and get in the zone.

Get out your equipment

You don’t technically need any equipment to do yoga, but yoga mats are good for mapping out a rectangular space, as well as providing you with cushioning and support. If you’re feeling extra fancy, some yoga routines incorporate blocks, or even pillows and blankets.

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Pick a routine that’s right for you

Picking the right routine is essential to making sure you have a good experience. If you’re new to yoga, you don’t want to jump right into doing headstands or intense poses. You can find a routine that targets a specific area of your body — maybe you’ve been experiencing tension in your shoulders or lower back. Otherwise, you can simply find a routine for your experience level. YouTube channels like Yoga With Adriene, Yoga Dose, and Yoga With Kassandra offer routines that you can follow along with.

Listen to your body

Since you won’t have someone spotting you or looking at your technique, it’s extra important to make sure you’re not pushing too hard, in order to avoid the risk of injury. Exercise caution when trying out new poses, and it’s always okay to adjust a pose or skip steps in a routine as necessary.

Trust the process

There’s a reason it’s called yoga practice: it takes time and repetition to master doing certain poses and develop good form. So don’t worry too much about being perfectly flexible or hitting the perfect shapes. What matters is the time you’re taking for yourself.

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