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Running Tips For Newbies

Zoe Kramer November 13, 2022

If you live a sedentary lifestyle but want to work on being more active, running is a great place to start. Compared to many sports and other forms of working out, running is inexpensive, doesn’t involve equipment, and requires a low level of commitment. Plus, if you’re an introvert, it doesn’t require socializing, and you can just plug in your earphones and check out. It’s no surprise that there are many benefits to running. Apart from improving your cardiovascular health, running strengthens your muscles, helps build strong bones, and aids in weight loss. So here are some running tips for newbies that want to start a weekly routine to gain these advantages.

Run slower than you think

Most people’s first instinct when they start running is to take off at a quick pace. However, slowing your pace down is a good idea when you’re first starting out. This helps you focus on form, and prevents you from tiring too quickly, since you haven’t built up endurance yet.

Take walk breaks

Taking breaks between stints of running is important when you’re a beginner, since they prevent you from overworking your muscles. As you run more, you will naturally reduce these breaks, but take them generously as you’re starting out.

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Warm up and cool down

Your running routine shouldn’t start and end with your run. One of the most important running tips is to stretch before and after your run so you don’t pull your muscles. Do some calf stretches, heel flicks and high knees before you take off on your route.

Keep good posture

Pay attention to your spinal alignment as you’re running and notice if you’re hunched or overly arched. Many runners tend to lean forward as they get fatigued, which is bad form. Keep your back straight and your shoulders level, and you’re good to go.

Don’t skimp on shoes

You can get away with a few runs wearing a pair of old trainers, but for the long-term you’ll want a proper pair of running shoes. By cushioning your feet, these shoes will also protect your joints and minimize the aches and pains that come with running. While they can be pricey, most runners will tell you they are absolutely worth it.

It’s okay to skip a day

While you might want to go pedal to the metal once you get that first runner’s high, it’s best not to run every day. Common consensus is it’s best to run three or four days a week, and either rest or cross-train on the other days. Find a routine that works for you, and don’t beat yourself up too much if you don’t stick to it 100% of the time.

Hopefully, these running tips for newbies will see you breaking new barriers in no time.

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