How To Improve Your Self Care Routine
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How To Improve Your Self Care Routine

Cicely McFarlane June 5, 2022

Everyone experiences those days when they feel a little unmotivated, down, or sluggish. However, there are ways and things that you can incorporate into your daily routine to make this feeling less frequent.

A daily routine can help put structure and purpose into your day, and thus will help you feel more productive and less lethargic.

Here is a daily routine that I try to stick to and why it could help benefit you in the long run.

Setting a morning alarm

Even if you wish to have a lie-in, setting a morning alarm can still add a structure to your day. This means that you won’t accidentally sleep through until the afternoon, and can still enjoy a lazy morning while knowing that the day has not completely run away from you.

Making your bed as soon as you get up

This is something that I learned in my later teen and adult life, and is something I’ve stuck to religiously ever since.

As soon as you get up, making your bed well create an environment that is ready for the day.

If your bed is unmade, you may find yourself lying down in it and starting to feel more tired.

As soon as you’re up, make your bed as then it stops the urge of going back to sleep.

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Daily vitamins

Studies have concluded that many people in the UK are vitamin D deficient. This is due to the lack of sun that we have every year.

Figuring out what vitamins you may be low in, and then taking multivitamins, iron, vitamin D and the like may benefit your health journey and should not be overlooked.

Over time this can make you feel more yourself, more awake, and someone with much more balanced energy levels.

Create a new to-do list

During university, I found this extremely helpful in managing stress levels.

Including small things on your to-do list, which are easy to tick off, allow for a sense of accomplishment.

Surrounding these small things, of course, will be the larger tasks for the day. Yet once you have achieved this, and your list is fully ticked off, you can relax and take some time off knowing you have done everything that you wanted to achieve that day.

Allow yourself the bad days

These are just some helpful tips to try to improve your self-care and your daily routine. Of course, some days you won’t want to get up, make your bed and make a to-do list.

But that is okay. Some days you’ll have more energy then others. But trying to accommodate your needs, improve your overall well-being, and be as productive as the day allows you to be, is something that will help your daily routine overall.

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