How To Keep a Regular Journal
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How To Keep a Regular Journal

Zoe Kramer January 1, 2023

Keeping a journal is a great habit for anyone. Not only is it a great way to preserve memories, but it can also be a cathartic way to release your emotions. In the future, you’ll be glad to have a record of this time of your life, and to be able to take a peek at who you were. However, updating a journal regularly is easier said than done. It takes a lot of dedication and willpower to develop this habit. So here are some tips for how to overcome writer’s block and journal like a pro.

Start Small

An empty journal can be intimidating to look at. It’s easy to wonder how it’s even possible to fill so many pages, but try not to get ahead of yourself. You don’t have to go into in-depth monologues. In fact, an entry doesn’t even need to take up a full page — it can just as easily be a half or a quarter of a page. The act of picking up the journal is the most important thing, even if you only write a few words.

Write For You

One of the most common troubles people run into with journaling is getting caught up in who might end up reading your journal in the future. If your diary is a permanent record of your life as it stands, then surely you have to write something profound and worthy of being read, right? Once you fall into this trap, however, it’s hard to come up with anything all in the face of that immense pressure. So try to keep your imagined audience limited to only yourself.

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Use Prompts

You don’t have to come up with all your own ideas for topics to write about, especially if there’s not much going on in your day-to-day life at the moment. There are apps, blogs and other online resources out there dedicated to journal prompts, so you can always browse through these until you find something that piques your interest.

It Doesn’t Just Have To Be Writing

If you’re struggling with writing, why not doodle in your journal, or place photos in it to start turning it into something more like a scrapbook? There are plenty of ways to document your life and use your creativity other than the written word. Even if you are using the written word, you can always do something un-journal like and write down a list, a poem, or a recipe. Getting rid of constraints can make the process much more enjoyable.

Track How Often You Write

Nobody’s perfect, and just because you don’t write every day or even every week doesn’t mean that you’re failing at journaling. However, it can be useful to keep track of how often you write to help keep yourself accountable. Start by dating each entry, and if you keep a planner, make a note in it every time you make a journal entry. That way, you can begin to reinforce the habit.

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