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How To Play The Eurovision Drinking Game With Your University Flatmates

Jasmyne Jeffery May 12, 2023

It’s already a fun enough event, but you can make it even more interesting with the Eurovision drinking game 2023! Gather all your university flatmates, provide a good selection of snacks and destress after final assignments and more! Here are the rules and how you can play.

The end of the academic year is quickly wrapping up, with final exams and assignments happening over the next couple of weeks. It’s definitely time to celebrate after an undoubtedly stressful year, so why not combine that with the biggest music party on the planet? Yes, the Eurovision final is happening tomorrow (May 13), happening in the UK for the first time in 25 years.

Make sure all your flatmates are in, dressed accordingly and ready for a night of chaotic celebration on the TV. Grab yourselves a few of your favourite beverages, and have a Eurovision drinking game to top the evening off. Though we’ll be explaining the rules and how you can play, we’ll also be constantly reminding you to drink responsibly, just as if your mother was in the room.

What Is The Eurovision Drinking Game?

It’s very self-explanatory. Those joining in simply have to take a swig of their drink after something pre-specified happens during the Eurovision final.

The ‘official’ game was started by Eurovision Drinking on Twitter, which stipulated the rules and how to drink. However, you can definitely adapt it for you and your flatmates.

Some ‘happenings’ should only result in a drink once a song, whilst others will be throughout the show, lasting a huge 4 hours. We definitely recommend pacing yourself, not glugging anything too strong, and making the most of the Greggs Eurovision discount for some carby snacks to help you through.

Now all finalists have been decided, we hope you’ve already sorted your Eurovision sweepstake. Between routing for your favourites in the hopes of some cash and taking part in the drinking game, you are guaranteed an evening of fun.

Just as long as you drink responsibly!

How To Play: The Eurovision Drinking Game 2023 Rules Explained

Though there are ‘official’ ways on how to play the Eurovision drinking game, you can pick and choose what you like and make up your own version if you’d prefer.

This one pretty much covers all cliches from the music contest, so you may only want to decide on a few rules to abide by.

First and foremost — keep hydrated (with water!) and well-fed throughout the evening. It’s a long show and no one wants to be sat next to a messy drunk when the votes are coming in. Look after yourself and your uni flatmates and have some water or coffee available throughout and don’t be afraid to say when enough is enough, if it gets that far.

Now that’s covered, here’s how to play.

Watch Out For The Hosts

Drink when the hosts do any of the following:

  • An outfit change.
  • Someone tells a bad joke.
  • Some connection to a rainbow: This could be a flag waving, an animation, or something else. If a host is wearing a rainbow, then only drink for one rule.
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  • Confetti: This is only for outside of the songs themselves.
  • Someone makes a snarky comment (looking at you Graham Norton.)
  • Something goes wrong: this could be a technical hiccup, announcing the wrong country etc. Things tend to go a little awry at Eurovision, but that’s all part of the fun.

During The Performances

We can’t stress enough that you should only drink once for each of these for each performance in the Eurovision drinking game. Otherwise, you and your flatmates won’t make it through the first few. Even then, maybe only pick a small selection, as all of these tend to happen a lot:

  • Some crazy dancing: Any Eurovision fans will know what this means, but for novices, it’s more than some dodgy Dad dancing.
  • Taking a selfie with the crowd: This could be a picture, a video or being filmed with their back to the audience.
  • An innuendo: This one happens more than you think, but you can only drink if you actually know what it means.
  • A key change: Undoubtedly, every song will have this, it’s tradition.
  • Singing in multiple languages in the same song.
  • All of the lights turn to face the audience.
  • Fire: Controlled pyrotechnics of course.
  • Wind/smoke machine.
  • A dramatic or chaotic outfit/removing part of outfit in the middle of a song.

Take A Swig During The Points

It’s the most dramatic part of the show, and there are lots of cliches to look out for in the Eurovision drinking game.

  • One point for the UK/12 points for the UK.
  • Fifteen seconds of fame: The country’s representatives really make the most of their time on screen.
  • A live delay: There’s a long pause between the representative being on screen, and them realising that they’re on screen.
  • Love thy neighbour: A country gives top points to their neighbouring country.
  • A representative sings the song they’re giving 12 points to.

That’s more than enough rules for the Eurovision drinking game to see you through the evening. For the last time, remember to drink responsibly, and importantly, enjoy the evening! Celebrate the unity Eurovision brings, as well as the end of your university year!

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