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The Eurovision 2023 Favourites So You Can Get The Best Sweepstake

Jasmyne Jeffery May 9, 2023

The semi-finals are taking place this week, as excitement builds around the continent for one of the most joyous events on the planet. If you want your own competition but aren’t competing, we recommend a Eurovision sweepstake. If you’re unsure whether your horse is good or not, here are the singers who are favourites to win.

Now that coronation celebrations are over, it’s time to move on to the next historic thing happening in May: Eurovision in the UK! Move over coronation concerts, it’s the best event in music television for 2023!

Millions will be sitting down to enjoy the grand final on Saturday, but why not make it even more interesting? Yes, have your own competition with a Eurovision sweepstake.

How To Have A Eurovision Sweepstake

Organising a sweepstake is easy and, depending on how difficult you want to make it, you have some time to prepare.

We definitely recommend only using the 26 that make it into the grand final. That does mean having to wait a few days, but it makes your chances a lot better. Plus, that should be plenty of countries for either a family or office sweepstakes.

At the end of each semi-final, add the ten winners to the hat. You can already add Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Ukraine and the UK, as they all have automatic spaces in the final on Saturday.

If you want there to be a prize, then ask anyone who wants to join in to pay £1 (or more!) for their country. Then, whoever wins will get a nice bit of cash and drinks will be on them. However, if pride is more than enough, then you could just do it for free.

Don’t worry if you don’t have 26 people to allocate countries to; you can just work on whichever country does the best.

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The Eurovision 2023 Favourites To Win

You may have a personal favourite, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the best odds to win the competition. Here are the top ten acts most likely to be Eurovision winners in 2023. Here’s hoping you end up with one of the following!

10. Austria – Teya & Salena: Who The Hell Is Edgar? – 1 per cent

9. United Kingdom – Mae Muller: I Wrote A Song – 1 per cent

8. Italy – Marco Mengoli: Due Vite – 1 per cent

7. Israel – Noa Kirel: Unicorn – 2 per cent

6. Norway – Allessandra: Queen of Kings – 3 per cent

5. Spain – Blanca Paloma: Eaea – 4 per cent

4. France – La Zarra: Évidemment – 6 per cent

3. Ukraine – Tvorchi: Heart of Steel – 6 per cent

2. Finland – Käärijä: Cha Cha Cha – 22 per cent

1. Sweden – Loreen: Tattoo – 46 per cent

If you end up with Loreen, then we really hope there’s some money in your sweepstake. The Swedish singer has been the favourite ever since Eurovision fans first heard her song. With such a huge percentage next to her name, many believe she’ll be the Eurovision winner in 2023.

Perhaps you’re rooting for an underdog, or secretly hoping someone other than your sweepstake is crowned champion! Either way, spice up the evening by having your own competition!

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