How To Rewatch Your Spotify Wrapped
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How To Rewatch Your Spotify Wrapped

Jasmyne Jeffery November 30, 2022

The day has finally come and Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here! Watched and shared it already? Don’t worry, here’s how to rewatch your Spotify Wrapped 2022 again and again and again…

After waiting for Spotify Wrapped 2022 since, well, Spotify Wrapped 2021, you might not have taken it all in properly and forgotten most of it already. Thinking that you can’t access it again? Don’t worry, it’s actually really simple to watch it again.

Where Did It All Begin?

Although it feels like longer, Spotify Wrapped has been around since 2016. From January 1 until October 31 each year, the streaming giant collates your listening data for you to access as the year wraps up. You’re presented with your top songs, artists, and find out just how much of a super-fan you are (1 per cent of Taylor Swift fans, thank you very much).

Typically, wrapped is released in the first couple days of December, but this year Spotify were super speedy and it was released today (November 30). All across social media, Spotify users have been sharing their wrapped slideshow.

If you were a little over-excited and ripped wrapped open like a child on Christmas morning, it’s not over for you yet.

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How To Rewatch Your Spotify Wrapped Slideshow 2022

Spotify lets users rewatch their wrapped slideshow, so you can definitely look through it more than once. Simply go on to your app or browser, search for Wrapped 2022 and click on the slideshow.

It really is as easy as that. The slideshow won’t be there forever, but you can keep rewatching your Spotify Wrapped for as long as it is.

Once it disappears, you will still be able to listen to your top songs for 2022. Like all the previous years wrapped has been around, you can access that year’s playlist by simply searching for the year you’re after. Or, if you scroll down on your homepage then all the yearly playlists should all be together at the bottom.

Were you in an artist’s top 1 per cent of listeners, or did you have songs that you were ashamed to be in your top 3? The joy of Spotify Wrapped is that you can keep it all to yourself if you would rather. However, this year Spotify encouraged sharing your favourite artists more than ever with Spotify Instafest. The feature collated users’ top artists and made a personalised dream line-up for users, set over three days.

While the feature is definitely a bit of fun, it made us a little sad that we won’t be seeing a festival lineup that perfect anytime soon. *Sigh.*

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