How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram
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How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram

Zoe Kramer March 20, 2023

Like many social media apps, Instagram displays an active status when you’re online. This allows your friends and followers to know when you’re around and when you’re not. This feature can be helpful for choosing a good time to message somebody, but it can also cause a bit of stress. Perhaps you want to log onto the app for a specific reason, but you’re not in the mood to reply and don’t want anyone to think you’re ignoring them. Maybe you simply don’t care to share how frequently you use the app. Whatever the case may be, you’ll be glad to know that the feature is optional. So, here is how to turn off active status on Instagram.

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How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram

If you’re using Instagram on mobile, tap the three bars in the bottom left corner to access the ‘More’ menu. Then, select the gear icon to go into settings. Go to Privacy and Security, and then locate the box labelled Show Activity Status. If your active status is on, this box will be checked. To turn this feature off, simply uncheck it and you’ll be good to go. Now, others will not be able to see when you’re online or offline.

If you’re using Instagram on a desktop, the process is similar. Open Instagram in your browser and log in. Click your profile icon in the top right, and then select settings from the dropdown menu. Then, click Privacy and Security. You will see a section labelled Activity Status, and from there you can uncheck the box called Show Activity Status. Then, your status will no longer be visible to other Instagram users.

What Happens When You Turn Off Active Status?

Once you turn active status off, your friends and followers will no longer be able to see whether you’re online or not at any given time of day. They also won’t be able to see how long it’s been since you were online. On the other hand, it’s also worth noting that when you turn off active status, you won’t be able to see that information on other user’s profiles either. So, if you’re interested in knowing whether others are online or seeing how frequently they use Instagram, it may be best to leave the feature on.

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