Is TikTok Favorites Gone In 2023? Potential Fixes For Missing Feature
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Is TikTok Favorites Gone In 2023? Potential Fixes For Those Missing Feature

Jasmyne Jeffery March 15, 2023

Many users of the popular app have noticed that their favorites button seems to have disappeared. The worst thing, they don’t know why. With reports starting as early as last year, we look at if TikTok favorites is gone and if there are potential fixes to get the feature back.

It’s one of the most helpful functions on TikTok, so it’s incredibly frustrating when you go to favorite a video and find that you can’t. Not only that, but the button seems to have disappeared altogether.

Slightly different than leaving a like, adding a video to your favorites means it will be added to a separate collection for you to view whenever you feel like it. Those this does happen with your liked videos too, your favorites are meant to be slightly more elite and ones you might want to show to friends or be reminded of without scrolling thorugh hundreds of liked content.

Clearly a valued feature, when TikTok users couldn’t find it, they wondered if and why it favorites had disappeared.

Is TikTok Favorites Gone In 2023?

Despite many users reporting that TikTok favorites is gone, it is still a feature on the app. but it cannot be found on the web. The browser version of TikTok has doesn’t have the favorites tab or bookmark option. Perhaps that’s where some users have got confused.

To find favorites on your phone, simply go to your profile and head to the TikTok collections tab. This is where all your favorited videos are stored, which you can even group depending on the content.

Any one who thought that the popular feature had disappeared can rest easy knowing that it’s still available in 2023.

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Potential Fixes If Favorites Or Bookmark Button Has Disappeared

If you’ve just found out that actually, favorites haven’t disappeared then you may be a little frustrated. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s had issues. Thankfully, there a few fixes which should get the feature back on your TikTok in no time.

As always, the first thing you should do is make sure you have the most updated version of the app. This will fix any bugs you might be experiencing and help TikTok run a lot more smoothly for you.

Secondly, clear the TikTok cache. This can be done through the app’s settings or through your phone’s settings. If the system is storing old data it might be running that instead of a new version, even if you have the latest update. It can also slow down the app and create issues, so clearing that will help fix your favorites.

If the TikTok favorites button is still gone, then delete and reinstall the app and even restart your device. This will also help any small bugs you’re experiencing.

Now you know it still exists and that you can fix it. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use the feature!

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