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London Marathon Ballot 2024: How To Sign Up And Enter

Jasmyne Jeffery April 22, 2023

As the 2023 race takes place tomorrow (April 23), maybe you’re inspired to join next year. Luckily, the London Marathon ballot for 2024 is already open and we can tell you how to sign up and enter.

It’s something lots of us say we’ll do one day but put it off every time it comes around. There’s no time like the present as entry is already open for next year. Be inspired by the competitors next year and help raise some serious money for charity. If you start training sooner rather than later, then you might just have it in you. Plus, we have some running tips for newbies to get you started.

The 2023 London Marathon Is Tomorrow

Whether you’re watching at home or cheering on the sidelines, it’s too late now to join in for the year’s 26.2-mile feat.

Over 50,000 are expected to partake in 2023, beginning at 9:30 am. Running or walking, anyone who completes the marathon before 4:30 pm will receive a medal. Imagine being able to brag about that.

For two lucky people, a cash prize, previously £30,000 is up for grabs. This is only for the winners of the male and female elite race, so don’t think you’re in for a chance of that in 2024.

The race takes you past all of London’s major landmarks, including the Shard, Big Ben, and the London Eye to name a few. So, it could be a great opportunity to tick a lot of sightseeing off of your list in one day!

The London Marathon Ballot 2024 Is Open: How To Enter

Running the marathon definitely isn’t as easy as just showing up. It’s actually a competitive process, with lots of terms and conditions. Even if you do sign up, there’s no guarantee you’ll be given a place.

However, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so here’s how to enter the London Marathon 2024.

There are a couple of different ways to enter the London Marathon. You can do it through the ballot or through a charity. Both have limited places.

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Getting A Charity Place

The marathon site has a list of charities that work with the event which offer places. Find one that means something to you and sign up through their site. They’ll ask for your details, reasons for running for the charity and how much money you think you’ll raise.

Just because you’ve gone through this route doesn’t mean it’s less competitive than the regular ballot. Going through a charity means you can often enter for free, but there is usually a certain amount you have to raise.

Signing Up Through the Marathon Ballot

You can just sign up through the ballot and decide whether you want to run for a charity later on, however, spaces will run out quickly.

Going through this method means it’s anybody’s game to get into the race. All who apply, usually around 350,00, are put into a ballot and names are selected at random. If you are selected you have to pay the £69.99 entry fee, just applying has no cost.

This can be reduced to £49.99 if you make a donation to the TCS when applying. By donating, you enter a second ballot, which doubles your chance of getting into the London Marathon 2024. Plus, even if you don’t get in, you’ll be given a training top, worth £60.

The ballot opened today (April 22) at 9 am but is only open for a week, closing on Friday, April 28 at 9 pm. If you’re even thinking about it, you should enter so you don’t miss out!

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