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OCR A Level Grade Boundaries For 2022 Amidst 2023 Season

Jasmyne Jeffery May 23, 2023

Thousands of students are currently taking their exams and hoping for good results come August. We give some insight into last year and tell you the OCR A Level grade boundaries in 2022.

For the first time in a few years, there are no COVID adjustments to marking criteria for GCSE and A Level exams. However, that doesn’t mean that knowing past grade boundaries won’t be helpful, especially as considerations were eased last year

Any students taking OCR papers may then be interested to know what the exam board handed out for their individual papers last year. There’s a lot to get through, so strap yourselves in!

OCR A Level Boundaries For 2022

These go in alphabetical order depending on the course; some serious scrolling may be involved.

Young multi-ethnic female university students writing on papers at desks during exams in community college classroom
Subject and ModuleA*ABCDEU
Ancient History
– Sparta and the Greek world7867544128150
– Athens and the Greek world7867544128150
– Macedon and the Greek world7867544128150
– Republic and Empire7967544128150
– The Eleven Caesars7967544128150
– Emperors and Empire7967544128150
Art and Design
– Art, Craft and Design113106897255390
– Fine Art113106897255390
– Graphic Communication113106897255390
– Photography113106897255390
– Textile Design113106897255390
– Three-Dimensional Design113106897255390
– Critical and Contextual Studies113106897255390
Biology A
– Biological processes7160504030190
– Biological diversity6656473828190
– Unified biology4740332620140
Biology B
– Fundamentals of biology6355473830220
– Scientific literacy in biology5851443730230
– Practical skills in biology32282421181510
– Operating in a local business environment6457473829200
– The UK business environment6255453525160
– The global business environment6356473727170
Chemistry A
– Periodic table, elements and physical chemistry786248352290
– Synthesis and analytical techniques8366523824100
– Unified chemistry524032241680
Chemistry B
– Fundamentals of chemistry8567554331180
– Scientific literacy in chemistry7560493827170
– Practical skills in chemistry453830221580
Classical Civilisation
– The World of the Hero7064544536270
– Greek Theatre6253443526170
– Imperial Image6354443526170
– Invention of the Barbarian6152433425160
– Greek Art6152433425160
– Greek Religion6051423324160
– Love and Relationships6454443526170
– Politics of the Late Republic6252433425160
– Democracy and the Athenians5950413224160
Classical Greek
– Unseen translation7661524232220
– Prose composition or comprehension3729252016120
– Prose literature6150423528210
– Verse literature6150423528210
Computer Science
– Computer systems10086715641270
– Algorithms and Programming10995786144270
– Programming project5548403326180
– Programming project5548403326180
Design and Technology
– Principles of Design Engineering5852443526170
– Problem Solving in Design Engineering4237302418120
– Iterative Design Project (OCR Repository)8272625242320
– Iterative Design Project (Postal Moderation)8272625242320
– Principles of Fashion and Textiles6359514436280
– Problem Solving in Fashion and Textiles5450433630240
– Principles of Product Design6359524436280
– Problem Solving in Product Design5450433630240
Drama and Theatre
– Practitioners in practice (performing) (OCR Repository)9992806857460
– Practitioners in practice (performing) (Postal Moderation)9992806857460
– Practitioners in practice (design) (OCR Repository)9992806857460
– Practitioners in practice (design) (Postal Moderation)9992806857460
– Exploring and performing texts (performing) (OCR Repository)464237 3228240
– Exploring and performing texts (design) (OCR Repository)464237 3228240
– Exploring and performing text (performing) (Postal Moderation)464237 3228240
– Exploring and performing text (design) (Postal Moderation)464237 3228240
– Analysing Performance5044403529240
– Deconstructing texts for performance: Antigone5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: Cloud Nine5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: Earthquakes in London5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: Stockholm5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: The Crucible5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: The Visit5146403529230
– Deconstructing texts for performance: Woza Albert!5146403529230
– Microeconomics6659504132230
– Macroeconomics6557494031220
– Themes in economics6151423324150
English Language
– Exploring language6659504132230
– Dimensions of linguistic variation6557494031220
– Independent language research3230252117130
English Language and Literature
– Exploring non-fiction and spoken texts262319151290
– The language of poetry and plays4945393428220
– Reading as a writer, writing as a reader4542373126200
– Independent study: analysing and producing texts3532272318140
English Literature
– Drama and poetry pre-19005551433527200
– Comparative and contextual study5552443629210
– Literature post-19003533282318130
Film Studies
– Film History8376604429140
– Critical Approaches to Film7569554228140
– Making Short Film (OCR Repository)7467554331190
– Making Short Film (Postal Moderation)7467554331190
– Physical systems4437302418120
– Human interactions4942352923170
– Geographical debates7870604836240
– Investigative geography (OCR Repository)5245393327210
– Investigative geography (Postal Moderation)5245393327210
– Fundamentals of geology7262524232220
– Scientific literacy in geology6556453525150
– Practical skills in geology3731272217120
– Topic based essay3531262116110
– British period study and enquiry (except Y109)3531262116110
– British period study and enquiry Y1093430252015110
– Non-British Period Study (except Y213)21191512960
– Non-British Period Study (Y213)19171411850
– Thematic study and historical interpretations5951423324160
– Unseen translation7055484033250
– Prose composition or comprehension3226221814110
– Prose literature5444373023150
– Verse literature5445383225190
– The legal system and criminal law6252413020100
– Law making and the law of tort574737281880
– The nature of law and Human rights594838281880
– The nature of law and the law of contract594838281880
Mathematics A
– Pure Mathematics7356443322110
– Pure Mathematics and Statistics6248393021120
– Pure Mathematics and Mechanics584536271890
Further Mathematics A
– Pure Core 15042342720130
– Pure Core 24536292216100
– Statistics5949393021120
– Mechanics453326201480
– Discrete Mathematics4939322518110
– Additional Pure Mathematics392923181380
Mathematics B
– Pure Mathematics and Mechanics7158473625140
– Pure Mathematics and Statistics786453826140
– Pure Mathematics and Comprehension6350403020100
Further Mathematics B
– Core Pure1098567493130
– Mechanics Major776148352290
– Statistics Major856953382380
– Mechanics Minor312318141060
– Statistics Minor4437312519140
– Modelling with Algorithms3832272217130
– Numerical Methods383024181380
– Extra Pure403125191370
– Further Pure with Technology3931262116110
Media Studies
– Media messages484134261890
– Evolving media463931231580
– Making media (OCR Repository)4842342720130
– Making media (Postal Moderation)4842342720130
– Performing A6456494134270
– Performing B8979685847360
– Composing A5851443730230
– Composing B3329252117140
– Listening and appraising8172635445350
Physical Education
– Physiological factors affecting performance6053474033260
– Psychological factors affecting performance4338332924180
– Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport3632282420160
– Practical Performances232017141190
– Evaluating and Analysing Performance for Improvement19171411970
Physics A
– Modelling physics8373604734210
– Exploring physics7967544128160
– Unified physics4941332518100
Physics B
– Fundamentals of physics6654443425160
– Scientific literacy in physics6955443322110
– Practical skills in physics4234282216100
– Research methods7366554534230
– Psychological themes through core studies6556463626170
– Applied psychology7567564535240
Religious Studies
– Philosophy of religion9480644933170
– Religion and ethics9481654934180
– Developments in Christian thought9582665034190
– Developments in Islamic thought9582665034190
– Developments in Jewish thought9582665034190
– Developments in Buddhist thought9582665034190
– Developments in Hindu thought9582665034190
– Socialisation, culture and identity8073614938270
– Researching and understanding social inequalities8577635036230
– Debates in contemporary society8978655138240

Hopefully, these OCR 2022 grade boundaries will give you an idea of what marks you’ll need to get for your university application. Remember, even if you don’t achieve your target grades, there are still plenty of options to get you on a course you love.

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