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Possible Fixes For Vanced Not Working As YouTube ReVanced Begins

Jasmyne Jeffery April 19, 2023

After YouTube Vanced was discontinued, YouTube Revanced was launched for fans of the original site. If you’ve seen the name crop up, we explain what it is and also possible fixes for when YouTube Revanced is not working.

For years, one of the main complaints about YouTube were about the adverts. Annoying many, ads would pop up in the middle of videos and would often be at crucial moments. A third-party fixed all of that, but now users have realised that YouTube Vanced is not working.

If you’re a little confused but curious about how it works, then we’ve got you covered.

Users Report YouTube Vanced Is Not Working

For the last week, regular users of the Android App have noticed an error message when trying to watch videos.

Instead of being able to access the content, they received the message ‘The following content is not available on this app.’

After being able to use it for months, people were confused about what was happening and worried that YouTube Vanced was no more.

Unfortunately, the rumours were true and YouTube Vanced was gone for good. This was confirmed in a tweet by the site, which said the app would be discontinued as it’s “something[they] need to do.”

Disappointed by the news, fans of the third-party app immediately searched for alternatives.

What Is YouTube ReVanced?

YouTube Revanced appears to be a new version of Vanced which will allow users to to the same and more, meaning watching videos without the ads.

However, users should be warned of fake, scamming websites under that name which are not officially connected to the first app.

It began on Reddit, with a page titled ‘ReVanced – Continuing the legacy of Vanced,’ exciting fans. They will have to wait as the official YouTube Revanced app is still in development. It’s not known how they’ll bypass the issues the first app faced, but that doesn’t mean reactions to the news haven’t already been shared on the Reddit page.

Possible Fixes For Those With The Original App

Some who already had YouTube Vanced downloaded have still been able to use it. However, a few issues have been cropping up lately.

Whilst we definitely don’t recommend uninstalling the app, as you won’t be able to get it back, there are some possible fixes to try.

First, you should clear your cache for the app as it may be running an old version or storing unnecessary data, slowing the app down. This could help resolve bugs, or get it running as it should.

Something else for users to try is closing and reopening the app, or even turning their phone on and off. By doing this, little buys affecting the app’s performance are usually fixed.

It’s worth noting that, eventually, the entire app will stop working when it becomes outdated. Luckily, this shouldn’t be for a couple of years and YouTube ReVanced should be fully fledged by then!

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