Spiritual Meaning Of Pluto In Aquarius Explained
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Spiritual Meaning Of Pluto In Aquarius Explained

Zoe Kramer March 17, 2023

From solar and lunar eclipses to each new moon, 2023 has a lot in store for those interested in astrology. Even within the month of March, there have been several notable events to keep track of. March 7th saw the full moon in Virgo, and Saturn entering Pisces. On the 16th, Venus entered Taurus. However, one of the biggest astrological events is coming up with Pluto entering Aquarius. For some, this is the most important transit of the decade. So here is when this will occur, and the spiritual meaning of Pluto in Aquarius explained.

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When Will Pluto Be In Aquarius?

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was all the way back in 1798. Now, for the first time in centuries, it will return. Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23 and remain until June 11th. However, this marks the beginning of a recurring presence it will have in Aquarius for the next 20 years. As a result, the events during this time period could reflect what might happen in the bigger picture. In addition, this will be the first time Pluto has left Capricorn since 2008.

Spiritual Meaning Of Pluto In Aquarius

Pluto is often tied with destruction and renewal. Named after the god of the underworld, this planet is about endings that are also beginnings and the process of transformation. Pluto also represents the parts of ourselves that are the most secret and shadowy. Because it moves slowly, Pluto can often be seen as less tied to the individual, and more tied to the generation. So when it enters into a new sign, it can be a pretty big deal.

Aquarius is a free-thinking and curious sign. It represents rationality, innovation and independence. As a result, Pluto in Aquarius can represent the beginning of a period of overhaul, revolution and change. This could have great impacts on social structures. Beliefs once thought to be true may be subverted or replaced to pave the way for new ideas. It could also be a time of radical advancements in technology, or changes in the relationship we have with technology.

So while everyone will experience this shift differently, we can all expect big changes in this upcoming period, both as individuals and as a society. What happens at the end of this month may well serve as a preview for what’s to come.

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