Which Moon Phase Soulmates Have The Best Compatibility?
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Which Moon Phase Soulmates Have The Best Compatibility?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 15, 2023

The moon edits have been taking over TikTok, with everyone wanting to know what their birth moons look like, as well as their loved ones. Well, a version of the moon phase tests your relationship’s compatibility. Luckily, we can tell you the most compatible moon phases.

Everyone wants to know that they’re in a relationship that’s worthwhile. Apparently, one of TikTok’s many talents is helping you find out through various viral relationship tests. There was the love character quiz, the loveprint quiz and the Ktestone flower test — amongst many others. The latest one to take the internet by storm is the moon phase test which matches your birth moon to your partner’s to find out which moon phases are the most compatible.

What Is The TikTok Moon Test?

The moon test compares your birth moon and the birth moon of someone else to see how compatible you are.

To do it, you should do the TikTok moon trend edit, where you will create the video and put the two moons together. First, you’ll need to find your birth moon, which is as simple as finding what the moon looked like on the day you were born. Take a screenshot, and do the same for the person you want to compare with. Once you’ve created the sweet edit, you’ll be able to see whether your love was written in the stars or if you’re seriously lacking the gravitational pull towards one another.

Of course, it’s just a fun viral trend and definitely isn’t factual. Still, if you are moon phase soulmates then that’s something to brag about with your friends.

Which Moon Phase Soulmates Are Most Compatible?

The idea of the viral test is that how well the two moons fit together correlates with how compatible the two people are. So, if two people had a half birth moon but opposite halves, they would come together to create a completely full moon and be highly compatible.

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However, those who have the exact same moon are said to be soulmates as well. This is because you were born under the same moon, meaning you would have been given the same traits, and motivations and just be more similar.

To summarise, those who have the same moon phase and those on opposite ends of the moon phase cycle have the best moon phase compatibility.

Without further ado, here are the most compatible moon phases.

  • Waxing gibbous + waning crescent: Those born under a waxing gibbous moon tend to be enthusiastic and motivated, but can be fickle or indecisive. On the other hand, waning crescent babies are imaginative, but also have wisdom which can help inform and direct their soulmates.
  • First quarter + third quarter: These are the two halves of the moon, so form a full moon together. Those born under either of these moons are always looking for ways to grow and reach their full potential. Whilst first quarter moon babies have a strong personality but can be impatient and strong-willed. Your soulmates are deeply understanding, but also opinionated.
  • New moon + full moon: the invisible moon and the full moon definitely complete each other. Those born under a new moon are adventurous, creative and love a new challenge. However, full moon babies aren’t quite so spontaneous and are conscientious.
  • Waxing crescent + waning gibbous: Those born under a waning gibbous are deeply self-aware and focused on growth. They’re great at talking but can lack listening skills. Comparatively, waxing crescent babies are very similar to those born under a new moon. They have a love for adventure and are ambitious and productive. If these two are together, you can expect great things from them.

These moon phases go together so well because they create a full moon, meaning they’re at their full potential. Typically, their traits complement one another, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be trouble in paradise sometimes. If your moon phase compatibility isn’t what you first thought, then this definitely isn’t a reason to break up. Remember, it’s just a bit of fun!

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