Ten Affirmations For Students To Get Through This Academic Year
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Ten Affirmations For Students To Get Through This Academic Year

Victoria Causley February 13, 2023

University can be a tough time and affirmations for students are a simple way to ease pressure and improve mindset.

If you’re starting a new chapter, now is the time to start making this chapter about you!

Repeating new affirmations can be a great way to do this. Accompany it with some meditation, or going on a nice fresh walk to clear your head, and you’ll hopefully start to notice a change in your mental health for the better.

And if you want to start manifesting for your wellbeing then here’s a tip!

What do you want to improve?

Pick something you want to improve in your life. Whether it’s to get better grades at university, to save more, to buy something etc. Whatever it is, repeat it everyday and truly believe that you can do it! Like “I will pass my driving test.” Things will start to work out for you with a positive mindset whether you pass or fail.

Another top tip to manifesting and repeating affirmations is to do it while you do daily activities. For instance, try reading through these affirmations in your head while you brush your teeth, before you go to sleep, while you cook or while you walk to lectures. The more you do it, the more you will feel the power of them!

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Here are some affirmation ideas for students and others alike

Here are some affirmation ideas to repeat and carry with you this year. Try picking the ones that resonate with you and maybe write them down on a piece of paper to stick on your wall, make them into a phone screen wallpaper, or just note them down in a journal to read when you’re ready.

  1. I am confident
  2. I am good enough
  3. I am afraid of nothing
  4. My life is about to be incredible
  5. I am unique
  6. Today is a good day
  7. Nothing can dim my light
  8. I can do anything I put my mind to
  9. I love myself
  10. I am proud of who I am
  11. I am capable of achieving my dreams
  12. I am loved
  13. I don’t chase, I attract
  14. I am strong
  15. I am the main character in my story

So if you’re ready to have a positive, glowing mindset this year, pick some of these affirmations and carry them with you.

Trust that what’s meant for you will find you, and manifest your goals with an open mind.

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