30 Hilariously Funny Instagram Notes Messages To Use On Your Friends
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30 Hilariously Funny Instagram Notes Ideas To Use On Your Friends

Jasmyne Jeffery January 20, 2023

After the introduction of the new feature, Instagram users have been looking for the best examples of Instagram notes to use on their friends. There’s no need to look any further as we have some hilarious Instagram notes ideas to make sure your friends know you’re the funny one.

It may not be the intended purpose of the Instagram notes feature, but it doesn’t that the internet long to make anything funny when they can. Make your friends giggle with the following examples and take the credit without doing the hard work.

Hilarious Instagram Notes Ideas

Take any of the following messages as your own. We won’t tell anyone that you didn’t think of yourself.

Social Media Throwbacks

These ideas are inspired by the days of social media’s past. Show your age with any of these funny Instagram notes examples.

  • ‘You’ve Just Been Poked!’
  • ‘You’ve Just Been Nudged!’
  • ‘BRB My Mom Needs Me’
  • ‘g2g bye!’
  • ‘like for like’ or ‘follow for follow’

Song Lyrics

These were always going to happen. The more ironic the lyric, the more hilarious the Instagram note.

  • ‘Cos I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby :)’
  • ‘It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.’
  • ‘Why does everything have to be so complicated?’
  • ‘Hannah Montana really did have the best of both worlds.’

Disatriously Flirty

As long as you don’t genuinely mean any of these dodgy pick-up lines, then these funny Instagram notes will still be hilarious. Hopefully.

  • ‘ASL?’
  • ‘Come here often?’
  • ‘What’s a girl/guy like you doing in a place like this?’
  • ‘Is it hot in here, or is it just me?’
  • ‘You, Me, DMS in 5?’
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The Best Instagram Notes Examples

If you haven’t had enough funny Instagram notes, then we’ve got even more to inspire you.

A Little Self-Aware With Instagram Notes

None of us really understand what notes are for. So say what everyone’s thinking, but with notes to hammer in the point.

  • ‘Is this thing on?’
  • ‘If anyone knows what Instagram notes are for, please lmk.’
  • ‘Let’s make Instagram Instagram again.’
  • ‘How do I un-update this?’
  • ‘POV: You’ve got no idea what Instagram notes are or how to use it’

Being *That* Guy

If you’re known for being a little cringe or constantly referencing things from the past, you might as well embrace it. The following hilarious ideas are for you.

  • ‘The person next to me is a loser.’
  • ‘Live Laugh Love.’
  • ‘Wazzup?’
  • ‘Team Edward or Team Jacob?’
  • ‘What did everyone get on the math test?’

There are so many good ideas for this category of funny Instagram notes, that we’re going to give you five more for good measure.

  • ‘YOLO’
  • ‘Loading…’
  • ‘Just finished at the gym’/ ‘About to hit the gym’ — with compulsory flexed bicep emoji.
  • ‘Don’t hate me cos I’m beautiful.’
  • ‘Haters gonna hate.’

If you aren’t inspired by any of these Instagram notes ideas, then you’ll just have to come up with your own! However, it’s much easier to just copy any of the above and claim them as your own. We may not understand them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t abuse it with memes.

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