What Does English Sound Like To Foreign Ears? TikTok Videos Explain
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What Does English Sound Like To Foreign Ears? TikTok Videos Explain

Jasmyne Jeffery January 21, 2023

Your native language always sounds normal to you no matter where you’re from. It’s a lot easy when you go somewhere else and hear another language to be able to pinpoint what that’s different. However, it’s not as easy to figure out how your language might sound to those who don’t speak it. This is the case for native English speakers who want to know what does English sound like to foreign ears. Once again, TikTok has come to the rescue with some TikTok English videos explaining it.

There are countless languages around the world and even more derivations and accents that come with them. Those who don’t travel or watch a lot of media in their own language may not consider how they sound like to those who speak other languages. English is widely spoken around the world, due to colonisation, media and wealth — but that doesn’t mean everyone understands it, so it’s going to sound very different to them.

Lots of people can pick up what language is being spoken by hearing it and not understanding it. So, what does English sound like to foreign ears?

TikTok Explains What English Sounds Like To Foreign Ears

TikTok is the new Wikipedia, providing endless amounts of knowledge, but not necessarily from experts. However, when it comes to language, the global app can definitely provide some insight. All of those curious about how English sounds have finally got an answer in these TikTok English videos.

However, it may surprise you just how similar native English speakers are to Sims peaking to foreign ears.

We think this may be making fun a little as there’s definitely a line about dog water in there, but it’s still pretty accurate. Commenters who don’t speak English as a first language came through and confirmed that this is what English sounds like to foreign ears.

“I’m Italian and actually yes.”

“I have seen one and can confirm that this is correct.”

So, clearly, the Sims is more accurate than we thought and the revelation is a little bewildering.

Though this next one doesn’t have quite the same level as Sim vibes, we think it’s because it’s in a British accent.

Turns out, this is what native English sound like and it’s revolutionary.

“as someone who had to learn English this is v accurate.”

These videos came from language TikTokers, so if anybody is going to know it’s them. It’s definitely worth keeping in mind next time you’re in a multi-lingual setting that this is what English sounds like to foreign ears. However, don’t think about it too much or else you actually might start talking like a Sim and then where would we be.

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