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The Ceilings TikTok Trend Has Users Getting Dramatic

Jasmyne Jeffery March 29, 2023

There are a few things that everyone has always wanted to do. One of them is to pretend to be the main character, running through nature in a full-length gown. Well, now the Ceilings TikTok trend is letting us all do just that to the Lizzy McAlpine song.

It’s not just Theresa May who loves running through a field of wheat.

There aren’t many opportunities to put on your best dress and run through nature living your best dramatic life. So, when a TikTok trend hands you just that on a plate, you can’t exactly say no. Sure, it has Kate Bush vibes, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. We explain exactly what the Lizzy McAlpine trend is and give you some great examples.

The Ceilings TikTok Trend Explained

It’s pretty simple, as long as you own a floaty dress and can get to somewhere a little scenic.

Those taking part in the trend dramatically run and dance either way or towards someone filming them. Whilst doing this, they turn and face the camera, lip-syncing to a sped-up version of Lizzy McAlpine’s Ceiling. Oh, and you do it in an ethereal floaty dress, or even take off a layer or two to reveal it if you want even more drama.

The trend first started in January, however, it’s gained serious traction in the last couple of months and it’s easy to see why. Listed under a couple of different hashtags, #ceilings has a huge 683 million views, whilst #ceilingslizzymcalpine has 294 million.

The sound has lost 600k videos attached to it, so clearly it’s taken the app by storm. Apparently, TikTok loves sped-up audios, and Lizzy McAlpine’s Ceilings is now different.

Great Examples Of Lizzy McAlpine TikTok Trend

Whether you want inspiration for your own, or just want to see some of the best versions of the trend, we’ve got some great examples.

I mean, it really doesn’t get any more dramatic than wearing a wedding dress. Plus, the dedication to the trend is unmatched. You wouldn’t catch us without at least three layers in snow like that.


Replying to @laurenfrancesmm shout out to gorilla glue duct tape for making this possible lol #ceilings

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

This reveal is amazing, we’re just hoping she went back for the jumper afterwards.


Rainy days in LA really got me feeling some type of way 🥹🌧️

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

The one and only Tori Vega did the Ceilings TikTok trend! Though we didn’t wear a floaty dress, we understand not wanting to roll around in the rain wearing your finest frock.


YOU GUYS… I AM WINDED FROM THIS TREND. 😮‍💨 #fyp #fy #foryou #dog #dachshund

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

This one is amazing from start to finish. Especially the dog still dragging the costume at the end. Iconic.


happy valentines day to all of the delusional girlies ❤️ #fyp #foryou #figureskating

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

We can only dream of being this graceful. Instead, we’re more baby deer learning to walk when on ice.


Wearing my Minerva Gown ♥️ wait for the wind!! I just had to do this trend, everyone is so beautiful! #foryou #ceilingslizzymcalpine #ceilingstrend #princessdress #fairytaleaesthetic #fairytaledress #fairycore #outfitinspo #snowdance Ceilings running through the woods video, princesscore, fairytale hair and makeup, soldier poet king, fairytale vibes

♬ ceilings – Sped Up Version – Lizzy McAlpine

You can get a more perfect dress for the Ceilings TikTok trend than this one. It’s drama and whimsical that you want, and this is serving that.

Okay, you probably get the idea now. If you’re not itching to put on a floor-length gown and go running through a field, then nothing will ever convince you.

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