'Everybody Told Me I Sound Like CG5' TikTok Trend And Sound Explained
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The Best Of 'Everybody Told Me I Sound Like CG5' TikTok Trend With Sound Explained

Jasmyne Jeffery March 16, 2023

Viral sounds come and go, but some are a lot more obvious than others. If you’ve felt the need to search where one of the many TikTok trends has come from, you’re certainly not alone. The latest one to capture users’ interests, but baffle them at the same time is the ‘Everybody told me I sound like CG5’ sound. We explore the TikTok trend and give you some hilarious examples at the same time.

All of a sudden, our For You pages on TikTok become inundated with a certain trend or sound and you can’t get away from it. Recently, it happened with the Make Your Own Kind Of Music trend, featuring Pedro Pascal, and no doubt it will continue to happen. Proving that theory is the Everybody Told Me I Sound Like CG5 trend, which has exploded over the platform.

What Is The CG5 TikTok Trend?

A very simple trend, the videos use viral sound to show that they are the person that they get told they look like or remind them of.

The whole sound says: ‘Everybody told me I sound like CG5. Probably because I am CG5,” so you can see where the trend comes from.

Typically, videos begin with the person showing themselves with the lyrics overlaid on the screen, before showing the person they get compared to, proving it is the same person.

The CG5 TikTok trend is simple, yet effective. Though the videos are funny, it’s also super helpful if you’ve recognised that person but really couldn’t place them.

For example, this throwback meme is the perfect example of the Probably Because I Am CG5 trend.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be famous or recognisable to get involved. Plenty of people have used the sound just to bring to light correct presumptions about themselves too.

Where Does The CG5 Sound Come From?

The sound comes from, you guessed it, musician and TikToker CG5 after they collaborated with LeGrand.

The latter teased the collab on YouTube after people compared the two, thinking they sounded similar. Though many were really glad the two were working together, it wasn’t the main thing to come from the tease.

When CG5 released a version of the opening lines on his TikTok, it was that sound that blew up on TikTok and has now gone viral.

The original video now has almost 20 million views, with the sound having over 60k videos attached to it.

Hilarious Examples Of ‘Everybody Told Me I Sound Like CG5’ TikTok Trend

Now you’ve learnt what it is and where it came from, the only thing left to do is leave you with some hilarious and mind-blowing examples. Some of the following you may recognise, but others are great versions showing you don’t have to be famous.

After being in one of the most iconic scenes of Stranger Things, we hoped we’d see more of Suzie. Luckily, she’s on TikTok, looking a little different to what we’re used to.


The day people stop saying I look like the girl from hereditary will be the day I’ll stop making tiktoks about it #greenscreen


This film traumatised us, but we’re glad to see she got her head back and could grow up normally…


Respuesta a @Robin i just wanted an excuse to use this audio LMAO #venti #genshinimpact


See, you don’t have to be a child star! Just using a presumption about yourself will get you far with the Probably Because I Am CG5 trend.

It doesn’t even have to be you, get your pets involved too!

Okay, what’s even more shocking is that she married Lewbert! That’s not a fact that will leave our brains for a few days yet.

Multi-lingual people truly have superpowers, but maybe it is also a curse.

Now you have the examples too, the only thing left to do is make your own example! Either that or scroll through the sound some more and find some celebrities you had forgotten about.

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