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The Most Caffeinated Starbucks Drinks For Students In Need

Jasmyne Jeffery May 24, 2023

If anybody is in need of caffeine, it’s students who are pulling all-nighters and are in the midst of exam season. If that’s you, then we can tell you the most caffeinated iced and hot drinks at Starbucks.

Caffeine is a blessing and a curse, but there aren’t many students who will turn it down when revising for assessments or exams. Plus, there is no better time to treat yourself to a Starbucks then when you’re at your most stressed.

Or, perhaps your intentions are the opposite and you’re wanting to avoid caffeine for your health. Both are understandable and we can help you out whatever the case.

The Most Caffeinated Starbucks Drinks

Whether these will inspire your next coffee order or you’ll be avoiding them in the future, here are the Starbucks drinks with the most caffeine.

Iced Drinks:

  • Iced Coffee: 165mg per 160z.

Starting off simple, this drink has a good amount of caffeine in it if you don’t want too much. Plus, you could always add an extra shot of espresso for that extra kick.

  • Cold Brew Coffee: 205mg per 16oz

This is steeped for 20 hours and has a 1:1 ratio of water to cold brew concentrate, so it’s pretty strong. If you absolutely love strong coffee, then this is for you. However, if it’s a temporary pick-me-up then you may want to add some syrups to soften the taste.

  • Iced Brown Sugar Oat Milk Shaken Espresso: 255mg per 160z

This one is a little sweeter, made with Starbucks Blonde roast espresso. Plus, it’s also made with dairy-free milk, so is a great option for vegetarians. Just because you’re a vegan, doesn’t mean you’re not a student in need of caffeine.

Brown sugar, oat milk and a little bit of cinnamon. It’s a tasty sweet treat for those midnight cramming needs.

  • Nitro Cold Brew: 280mg per 160z

Here, the cold brew is mixed with nitrogen which creates bubbles, changing the texture and taste of the drink. It also has substantially more caffeine than the above. If you want a unique taste and more caffeine, this could be the Starbucks drink you try.

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Hot Drinks:

  • Blonde Vanilla Latte: 170mg per 16oz

This one has a shorter roast time, so it’s not as strong as others but still has a caffeine kick. It has a velvety texture with a light flavour. And it has a vanilla tone that would come as an extra treat amidst revision.

  • Cafe Americano: 225mg per 16oz

Rich and strong, you could have this hot or iced. Either way, it’s classic. Have it without milk or cream to make it even stronger, or adjust it to your preferred strength. With an Americano, it’s easy to adapt to your individual taste.

  • Pike Place Roast: 310mg per 160z

Stepping it up as we move into the hot drinks, though this roast could be used for both. However, it’s still not the most caffeinated Starbucks drink.

This roast is a fan favourite, providing a chocolatey nutty taste to its drinks.

  • Blonde Roast: 360mg per 160z

Fusing Latin America and East African beans, this is another one that you can put your own personal touch on so you can perfect your midnight caffeine boost.

  • Clover Brewed Gold Coat: 380mg per 16oz

And now, the most caffeinated Starbucks drink on offer. Either avoid this one at all costs or make it your next go-to. This one is unlike drip coffees and is brewed to order and comes with a whole range of blends to have it with.

Need to make it through the last of your exams or procrastinated your assignment a little too long? The most caffeinated Starbucks drink might be the one you need.

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