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Starbucks Summer Game: How To Play And Potential Fixes If It's Not Working

Jasmyne Jeffery May 16, 2023

Everyone loves the chance to win when getting their favorite food and drink, and the giant of the coffee world is doing just that. Back with the Starbucks Summer Game for 2023, here’s how to play and potential fixes if it’s not working.

Everyone loves prizes, especially when winning them can be as simple as buying your coffee as you usually would. We had a similar situation earlier this year with McDonald’s Winning Sips, and now Starbucks are back with their own version. Similar to Starbucks Odyssey, the Summer Game 2023 is here for a limited time, offering some great prizes.

What Is The Starbucks Game?

Beginning yesterday, (May 15), the Starbucks Summer Game offers millions of prizes to be won by their Reward members.

You can only play through the website, but there are multiple ways to win prizes, varying from free bonus stars to their ultimate prize being a city getaway.

For 2023, the theme is ‘Adventure Awaits’, encouraging customers to venture to the outdoors for prizes, or even through their gameplay on the site.

Unfortunately, the challenge is only available to those in the US. It’s uncertain if the Summer Game will ever be more widely distributed to Starbucks fans across the globe.

How To Play The Starbucks Summer Game 2023

There are multiple ways to try and get prizes. The easiest one is to simply log in to the site where your first prize will be given. After that, it’s up to you.

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With two ways to win (instant wins, sweepstakes), you can definitely secure multiple prizes over the next few weeks:

  • Purchase promotional Starbucks items with your rewards app: This will mean the opportunity to win prizes will be waiting for you when you go back to the Summer Game 2023 site.
  • Games: On the site, there are various levels of games to be played to win prizes. There are 20 levels involving popping colored balls. By clearing enough you can nab some more prizes without spending a penny.
  • Complete activities: Customers will be set certain challenges to partake for the chance to win some Starbucks Summer Game 2023 prizes.

Do any of the above and you can win some instant prizes, such as bonus stars, or enter the sweepstake to win bigger prizes, such as 10 opportunities to go jet-setting.

Potential Fixes For If Starbucks Summer Game Is Not Working

Though it only launched yesterday, many have reported via social media that the Starbucks Summer Game is not working. In fact, this wasn’t the only year where there have been initial problems.

When there have been widespread issues in the past, Starbucks has done site and app maintenance to fix the issues. This doesn’t seem to be the case in 2023, but there are potential fixes for you to try if the Summer Game is not working.

First, make sure your app is updated. Issues before have concerned customers paying through the app and it not being transferred. Updating it will ensure it’s running the latest version compatible with the 2023 Summer Game, as well as bug fixes. You should also clear your cache for the app on your phone as this could be running an older version.

Similarly for the site, update your browser before continuing with the reward scheme. This could be causing issues with the website running as it should. You should also ensure to refresh it which will fix any minor bugs.

We always recommend restarting any device giving you problems. If it isn’t a wider problem, then it’s likely your device is the issue. Restarting it will fix larger bugs than just closing the application or refreshing it.

If the issue is on Starbucks’ side, then it’s best to wait and not try to process any wins whilst it’s down. It’s possible you’ll lose out if it doesn’t register properly.

With some fun ways to win whilst enjoying your favorite caffeine fix, there’s no better time to find a new summer drink!

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