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The Best Pub Crawl At Falmouth Uni

Cicely McFarlane November 25, 2022

Falmouth Uni is the perfect blend of seaside town and bustling bars for the best pub crawl night out.

Not only do you get the beautiful scenery of the beaches and harbour; you also get cobbled streets and stone buildings throughout the town itself.

Having visited Falmouth myself for a pub crawl, it is definitely the best decision for a little getaway if you fancy a bit more of a boozy night.


If you prefer more of a sit down outside garden that has heaters for the colder nights, then Fives is definitely the place for you.

With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can sit on one of around 30 wooden benches as you enjoy table service, cocktails, and cheap shots.

Fives has a friendly and relaxed feel. It is definitely more of a sit-down location so, if you are someone who enjoys dancing on a night out, continue reading and see what places best suit you.

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If a quirky, laidback and relaxed pub vibe is what you prefer on a night out, then I would say Finns would definitely be your favourite place.

This has a rustic wooden feel to the interior and, of course, their infamous Aqua bombs.

Although not massively specific about what type of liquor is included in these bombs, they are definitely a fun and sweeter alternative to a Jager bomb.

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In the centre of town and just a five-minute walk from Fives and Finns, Toast was one of my favourite locations.

It once again had a seated indoor area, but at the back had a room with a DJ and dance floor.

This meant that you could grab a drink and either sit down or head to dance straightaway.

This was a much smaller location than Fives, and much more intimate, but it made it easier to get drinks and more enjoyable; especially as the DJ takes requests.


Mangos is just around the corner from Toast and is one of the most popular locations in Falmouth.

They are always extremely busy, which makes the night even better. Although slightly more expensive than the other places in this article, it is still worth it.

You have to pay for entry to the upstairs club. You can either decide to stay in the free seated area with the downstairs bar or, if you prefer more of a club, pay the entry fee and head upstairs where you can enjoy a far larger dance floor and DJ area.

If you favour small town markets, vintage shops, and independent coffee houses and breakfast places, as well as beautiful beaches, then Falmouth is ideal.

The huge amount of water activities, shops, and pubs for those fun nights out, won’t disappoint.

The best pub crawl at Falmouth uni offers everything you could hope for. Now all you need to do is try it for yourself.

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