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TikTok Made Me Buy It Videos Show Revolutionary Products

Jasmyne Jeffery May 24, 2023

It’s easy to spend hours and hours on the app, but once you get money involved it could be dangerous. After it introduced people to some weird, wonderful and revolutionary products, we look at the TikTok made me buy it trend, as users are their lists and purchases.

Not only is TikTok filled with hilarious videos and dances, but it also has adverts and millions of users buying things they want to show off. Whether others have bought it as a joke or it is genuinely useful, people have been sharing their impulse buys and blaming the app.

What Is The TikTok Made Me Buy It Meaning?

The trend is simply people sharing things they saw on TikTok and were then compelled to buy them. Lots of the items cost quite a bit of money, but they’re still cool to see in action anyway.

Many have extensive lists of things they bought and maybe even recommend. Others bought something a little ridiculous but still wanted to show it off anyway.

Items have either been advertised on the app with thousands deciding it’s something they need, let alone want. Or, people have found something a little odd somewhere else and are using their TikTok reach to let others know about it…for better or worse.

The hashtag has a huge 55.5 billion views. Clearly, everyone is after some inspiration or wants to see some cool new products.

Hilarious And Revolutionary TikTok Made Me Buy It Videos

Whether people found products that change their life or just loved the aesthetic, the following videos will show you just what the trend is about.

We hold no responsibility if you end up being influenced and purchasing any of the products below!

Amazon truly is the place for random products that are actually really useful.

This could change the game for any dog owners out there. Definitely a revolutionary product.

Pretty worried for our bank accounts after seeing some of these TikTok made me buy it products.

That suitcase would definitely make the airport more fun.

If anyone needs help making their desks a little tidier, then it’s stressed university students. Plus, the action is very aesthetically pleasing.

Okay, some of these look a little ridiculous, but it’s still made us curious.

That’s probably enough inspiration from us now. But, there are loads of TikTok made me buy it videos across social media if you’re not easily persuaded. Some of the above would be super helpful to students, but also just in everyday life!

It’s just a shame that lots of them don’t fit in a student budget…

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