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TikTok Name List Trend Is A Wholesome Way To Show Your Love

Jasmyne Jeffery June 9, 2023

It’s usually full of lots of dances and pranks, but every so often something goes viral that warms your heart. A recent trend is the TikTok name list, a cute edit using a number code to reveal someone important to you.

Though it’s not well-known for its cute edits, there have been plenty of them on TikTok. We’ve had the half-heart trend and the moon phase soulmate compatibility test, and now there’s another to show your love.

Earlier this year, users used secret number codes to reveal how they felt about someone, including the o45 meaning. However, this time around it’s not quite as secretive.

The TikTok Name List Trend Explained

It’s a simple enough trend, but it’s a very effective and super cute way of sharing the love on social media.

All you need is a photo of yourself using the number code before showing the person that it relates to.

The lists are available online or you can nab it from a video that’s used it. Unfortunately, it’s only popular names that make it onto them, so you might not find the one you need to make your own edit.

Female couple enjoying time together on a sofa.

There are separate lists for boys and girls depending on who you’re making the video about, but both are really easy to come by. It doesn’t have to be about a boyfriend or girlfriend. It could simply be your best friend or even a family member.

The name list trend hashtag has truly gone viral with over 1 million views on the platform with hundreds of videos attached to it. It’s truly taken over TikTok as more and more want to show some appreciation for someone special in their lives.

Most getting involved with the trend are using the song Never Felt So Alone by Labrinth which gained a lot of attention after it was used in Euphoria. Though the track is about feeling lonely, that’s the opposite meaning behind the wholesome trend.

The Name List Codes Revealed

There are a few different names lists so that lots of names are covered. We’ve collated a few different ones which should have a number code that has a name that you want to use.

The boys’ names used in this one are different from the most common ones used so might have the name you need if it’s slightly more unusual.

The above is used to show the love to their BFF, with plenty of girls’ names on offer.

Again, this boys’ names list is different from the most used ones on the platform. It could definitely be more helpful to you.


My name was never on any of those drink bottles either 😓

♬ Never Felt So Alone – Labrinth

Another set of girls’ names so you can find the right one, however, there is some crossover.

If you still can’t find the right name, then scour TikTok and the internet to see if it’s out there. If not, then you could always make your own list. That way, you can still get involved with the TikTok name list trend.

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