TikTok Sensation Steve The Horse Loves To Play Dead
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TikTok Sensation Steve The Horse Loves To Play Dead

Jasmyne Jeffery November 9, 2022

A young woman had the fright of her life thinking that her neighbour Steve the horse was dead. Turns out he just loves a lie-down and a little bit of mischief. Now, the video has gone viral on Tiktok with over 23 million views.

One early morning in Fife, a woman stepped outside and, for a brief moment, thought that one of her neighbouring horses had died. Luckily for us, she recorded her shocking yet hilarious reaction to the troublesome horse simply playing dead. In less than three hours of uploading it to TikTok, the video had already surpassed a million views.

Ashley Greig, Steve’s neighbour, spoke to STV about the unlikely fame both her and Steve the horse have had since that first TikTok video.

“It’s really hard to see any movement or breathing, especially for a little distance – so when I saw Steve just lying there, I thought I’d make a funny clip of just, calling his name and seeing how he would react.”

Her strong Scottish accent only adds to the humour of the video, bellowing across her garden and startling Steve who was probably just enjoying a snooze.

Steve the Horse has a TikTok following

Ever since that first video, Ashley has kept Steve’s loyal fans up to date on all of the “chaotic donkey’s” mischievous antics. He has even tried to frighten her again by lying extremely still, but Ashley couldn’t be fooled a second time.

Another popular video of Steve shows the white horse after enjoying some time playing in the mud. Clearly embarrassed in front of his fanbase, the horse can’t look into the camera as Ashley ridicules the public’s perception of him as a “majestic white horse.”

In one of the latest updates, it seems Steve has worked up the courage to speak back to his neighbour.

Fans can’t get enough of the horse, with thousands of comments left spreading their love for the quirky character. One thinks Steve is just hay-mazing and can’t get enough of the content:

“I’m so invested in STEVEN! His lil fuzzy tufted hooves.”

Others believe that he has definitely had enough of being the butt of the joke.

“Oh no he came all the way to the house. He’s got something to get off his hooves.”

More agreed, thinking Steve wants a day of peace. “Stevens saying ‘No today Ash, just NAW!'”

Steve’s videos even made it on This Morning

Gaining quite the following, news of sneaky Steve garnered a segment on ITV’s This Morning yesterday. Phil and Holly had an interview with Ashley, but Steve was a little camera shy to the hosts’ dismay.

“He’s done a runner!” Ashley explained. Clearly, there is still beef between the neighbour and the horse.

Phil goes on to say that “everything about [the video] is perfect.”

Ashley then spoke briefly about the reaction to the video and the public attention she has received.

“Very seldom can I walk the street without someone recognising me and shouting ‘Steve!’ at me.”

Despite the arguments she and Steve have had, Ashley told STV that she is thrilled with the happiness the videos have created.

“It has just been wild to see how genuinely happy something like that can make people. I just hope to keep putting smiles on their faces with my wee garden dwellers, that’s all.”

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