The Viral TikTok Serbian Dancing Lady Is Getting The Meme Treatment
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The Viral TikTok Serbian Dancing Lady Is Getting The Funniest Reactions

Jasmyne Jeffery March 21, 2023

Dances go viral all the time, but not necessarily creepy videos of a woman dancing outside your video. That’s what’s happened with the TikTok Serbian dancing lady. Now, she’s getting the meme treatment and some hilarious reactions in the form of parodies.

TikTok is full of all sorts of videos but dancing is something it’s very well known for. We’ve already looked at the Green Green Grass trend, as well as Beyoncé’s Cuff It dance. However, the latest one that’s gone viral is a little different. After it was posted on the app, people had different reactions to the viral video.

What Is The Serbian Dancing Lady?

The uploaded video is not actually new and first did the rounds back in 2018. However, it’s gained a lot more popularity after being posted on TikTok.

The video, which looks as if it was taken from a window, is of a woman in traditional dress, dancing in the middle of the night.

Some have been a little creeped out by the video and wondered what might have happened if she had seen whoever was recording her. The music definitely doesn’t help make it feel scarier than it actually is.

The video has now been viewed almost 80 million times with 6.4 million likes and over 150k comments, with everyone having an opinion on the Serbian dancing lady.

“Ya’ll making jokes but this is actually the creepiest thing that someone could witness.”

It’s true, you would be a little spooked if this was outside your window.

“New fear unlocked.”

Whilst we agree, we’re not sure how you would define this phobia.

Reactions To TikTok Serbian Lady Create Funny Memes

Though it’s rendered some scared, we all know the best coping mechanism is laughter, crucially, through memes!

Here are some of the hilarious comments on the original video.

  • “me outside his house when he “accidentally” leave me on open”

You want to be careful when she has moves like this.

  • “When you want to go to the bathroom but your teacher won’t let you.”

There’s only so much you can do to convince them.

  • “THE Serbian dancing lady was finding Wednesday okay guys let her find her ok.”

Just pop Bloody Mary over this and it becomes a lot less creepy.

  • “What I think my coats are doing on the back of my door at 2 am when I wake up.”

The scariest couple of seconds of your life.

  • “me summoning a demon the night before the test.”

When you’ve left it too late to revise, there’s only one thing left to do…

More like Serbian dancing baby. Not sure we’d like to meet them on the street either.

He just wanted to show us his great moves!

We didn’t think the Serbian dancing lady would have hair like that, but each to their own.

Though the original video is a little creepy, it’s good to see that none of us have lost our humour!

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