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TikTok's Weighted Hula Hoop Trend Has Fans Getting Fit

Jasmyne Jeffery November 29, 2022

There are always new trends happening about the best ways to keep fit. The current one taking over TikTok is using a weighted hula hoop. Unlike others, this trend seems to be sticking.

Now the days are shorter and definitely colder, getting outside to exercise is increasingly more difficult. Even just waking up earlier to get a workout in before work is harder when it’s still pitch black and the house is chilly. If you’re finding it just as tricky as everyone else, then TikTok might have an answer for you.

We’ve all seen ‘trending’ exercises before which are meant to work in a matter of days, normally demonstrated by someone without an ounce of fat on their body. Often, they’re unrealistic and sometimes unhealthy. However, a new weighted hula hoop has TikTok users getting active together whilst still in the comfort of their own homes.

TikTok’s Weighted Hula Hoop

Hundreds of users have been getting active on the social media platform by trying out a new way of exercising. The weighted hula hoop is made out of connected links with a weight that can be attached. The more you use the hula hoop, the more links you take off, an indication of your waist getting smaller.

Lots of TikTokers are taking to going live for a certain amount of time a day whilst hula hooping. Not only does this give them the motivation to continue keeping active, but also gets others involved at home. It’s the community spirit of a workout class but without feeling self-conscious.

The hoop itself is a little loud to use as the weight moves around the links, but many users have popped their headphones on and listened to music and podcasts. As you can do it from home, many even do it for the duration of a TV show. So, you can exercise whilst still catching up on your favourite program.

Don’t worry too much if you weren’t amazing at hula hooping as a kid. The hoop is meant to sit snugly on your hips and the weight keeps the momentum moving. The trick is to bounce from one foot to another which keeps your hips moving. Plus, this means you’re not just stationary, meaning you’re getting more out of the workout.

Many fans of the hoop also through punches or complete other exercises whilst using the hoop so that it’s more of a full-body exercise.

As with any exercise, it takes consistency and a good diet alongside to work. However, it’s great to see so many people finding a new way of getting enjoyment from moving.

Where To Buy A Weighted Hula Hoop?

Amazon have lots of weighted hula hoop options just like the ones seen on TikTok. Prices start at around £15, but the KMART version that many users have is around £30.

You can also buy replacement links or extra ones if you need them. This is around £10 for 3, just make sure you’re buying the correct links for your hula hoop.

The TikTok shop also has lots on there if you see your favourite user has their hoop linked. Just be warned that they can often be found cheaper on Amazon as TikTok has commission rates etc.

Lots of people have an opinion on what hoop will give you the best results. However, it’s all down to what works for your body shape and which one you can get the best momentum with. Don’t be downhearted if you can’t get it to work perfectly the first time, it’ll take some practice and you’ll soon see yourself build in confidence.

You can see the improvement in technique and confidence in this user, and it’s just from consistency. If you’re giving it a go, make sure you commit if you want to feel the difference. Remember, exercise is more than just about physical differences, it’s also about improvements in your mental health too.

Will you be giving it a go after seeing it all over TikTok? You might enjoy it more than running outside in the cold at the moment!

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