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What Does ATP Mean On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer May 24, 2023

TikTokers love a good acronym. It helps them keep their captions short and sweet without having to type out the whole phrase. This works great if everyone is on the same page, but sometimes these abbreviations can be hard to keep up with. After all, it can sometimes feel like as soon as you’ve learned the latest trendy phrase, a new one has come along to replace it. One acronym that has gained popularity on TikTok recently is ATP. So, if you’re not sure what it stands for, not to worry. Here is a guide to what does ATP mean on TikTok, some alternate meanings, and some other common acronyms on TikTok.

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What Does ATP Mean?

If someone DMs or replies to you on TikTok with ATP, they are probably telling you to “Answer The Phone.” In other words, they’re trying to get a hold of you to talk for a bit. This meaning of the phrase usually will come from someone you know, like a friend or family member that you’re connected to online. It is more likely to be used in a private message rather than in a public setting, since it’s used between two people who are presumably close enough to have one another’s phone numbers.

Other Meanings Of ATP

However, ATP can mean other things, too. If you get a message from someone you don’t know with ATP in it, for example, they probably aren’t telling you to answer the phone, since they haven’t talked to you on the phone before. What they might be trying to say is “At This Point.” For example, “I used to love her music, but ATP I don’t know if it’s worth listening to anymore.”

Similarly, ATP can stand for “At That Point.” For example, “ATP I would just break up with him.” This version of the phrase tends to be used for hypotheticals rather than real-life scenarios.

Other TikTok Phrases To Know

ATP is only one of many acronyms that are popular to use on TikTok. Here are some of the other common ones. FR stands for For Real. POV stands for Point Of View. RN stands for Right Now. TFW stands for That Feeling When. TBH stands for To Be Honest. DBI stands for Don’t Believe It or Don’t Buy It. Opps can stand for opponent or opposition. ML stands for Much Love.

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