What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat
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What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat

Zoe Kramer March 15, 2023

Snapchat users love to use acronyms to communicate more quickly and efficiently. However, sometimes all of the abbreviations can be hard to keep up with. It seems like there’s a new acronym or slang term to learn every week. As a result, that quicker communication can backfire as the recipient of the message wonders, what does this mean? One of the latest acronyms to become popular on the Internet is GTS. However, if you’re not sure what GTS means, not to worry. Here is the answer to what does GTS mean on Snapchat as well as some other handy acronyms to know.

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What Does GTS Mean On Snapchat

GTS can be a particularly confusing Snapchat acronym to learn, since it doesn’t follow the normal acronym rules. GTS normally stands for Good Times. So, the S doesn’t actually stand for a word, but simply indicates the plural of Times. You might encounter someone using this turn of phrase when recalling fond memories. For example, they might say, “Those were such GTS.” Or, it could also be used as a way to finish a conversation on a positive note, simply signing off with “GTS” after making plans or having a chat. Someone might also use it as a hashtag, to record their fun vacation experience or hangout session.

Other Meanings of GTS

GTS can also mean “Go To Sleep.” This is normally a teasing way to tell someone who is messaging late at night to go to bed. For example, “It’s 4am, GTS.” It could also be used when someone simply senses their friend is tired. For example, “You’re better off finishing the essay in the morning, GTS.” In this case, it may come more out of care for the other person than humor.

Other Snapchat Acronyms To Know

There’s a whole host of acronyms on Snapchat to keep up with, but here are some of the most common ones. ATM stands for at the moment. BRB stands for Be Right Back. ILY stands for I Love You. NRS stands for No Replies, Sorry. SFS stands for Shoutout For Shoutout or Snap For Snap. SMT stands for Send Me That. STE stands for Sent To Everyone. TBH stands for To Be Honest. TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. WR stands for Won’t Reply.

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