What Does LMR Mean On Snapchat?
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What Does LMR Mean On Snapchat?

Zoe Kramer March 2, 2023

The Internet sometimes feels like a never-ending series of new slang words, phrases and acronyms. Regardless of a user’s age, the quickly evolving and mutating nature of Internet lingo can make it hard to keep up. A word can be the newest thing one week and completely forgotten about the next. So if you’re not sure what LMR means, there’s no shame in that. Here is what the acronym means on Snapchat, some other things it can mean, and some other Snapchat acronyms you might want to know.

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What Does LMR Mean On Snapchat and Instagram?

If you see the acronym LMR come up on Snapchat or Instagram, it most likely means ‘Like My Recent.’ This means the poster is asking for people to like their most recent post, photo, video, etc. On Instagram, this applies directly, since likes are one of the biggest forms of engagement on the app. However, on Snapchat, there is no like button. That means that if you see LMR on Snapchat, it probably is asking for engagement in general, which can include commenting and following. LMR can also be used as a hashtag. You might see someone using it on a new profile picture, or to promote something.

Other acronyms for LMR

However, ‘Like My Recent’ is not the only thing that LMR can mean. It’s possible that you can encounter someone using LMR in a different way. For example, it can stand for ‘Last Minute Reaction’ or ‘Last Minute Response.’ This could be an indication that the person is either in a hurry, or referring to someone in a hurry responding to a message. It could also mean Last Month’s Rent or Limited Market Release. However, these uses are less common and can usually be deduced through context clues.

Other Snapchat acronyms to know

Snapchat is full of acronyms, so it can be handy to know what some of the most common ones mean. ICL means I Can’t Lie. HMU means Hit Me Up, which is a request for the other person to contact them. SB means Snap Back. S4S means Snap For Snap, which is an offer that means the user will reply for mutual benefit. SU means Swipe Up. TTM means Talk To Me. NRS means No Replies, which is something someone posts if they’re going to be away from the app for a while.

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