What Is Lane 7 And Where Is Your Closest One?
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What Is Lane 7 And Where Is Your Closest One?

Molly Raby March 19, 2023

Do you like bowling? Do you love seven-balling your friends at pool? What about singing up a storm in karaoke? Well, at one particular venue, you can do all of this and more. But what is Lane 7?

Freshered has you covered when it comes to the ultimate night out in one location. Book a trip to Lane 7 at one of their nine different locations around the UK for a guaranteed great night out.

What Is Lane 7?

In short, it is the ultimate location for a fun-filled evening, whether you are a student or not. There are an array of activities you and your friends can engage in including bowling, karaoke, pool and ping pong. It brings together every good night-out game all in one place, so you can turn up sober, exit seeing double, and never have to leave the building.

There is also the option to play beer pong, shuffleboard and, if you’ve not had too many to drink yet, shooting pods. It is best to book your games online prior to arriving as it can get quite busy, and you are not guaranteed a game if you haven’t booked.

Lane 7 isn’t just a games bar. You can also buy drinks and food. From signature cocktails to wine and beer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. There is classic night out food such as pizza, chips and burgers. In short, it ticks all the boxes.

Is There A Lane 7 Near Me?

There are no less than nine amazing Lane 7 locations around the UK, all of which are in a university city. So, get booking and enjoy the night of your life.

Current Lane 7 locations are:










Upcoming locations that are currently being built include Nottingham, Belfast, Cardiff and Altrincham. So the fun is only going to spread in the years to come.

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