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What Is The Anti-Mascara Trend On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer January 25, 2023

It’s always fun to find new and creative ways to use cosmetics. With lipstick being used to create under-eye shadow, TikTok is no stranger to unconventional uses of makeup. The latest out of the box fad is anti-mascara. The anti-mascara trend is a confusing name, but the concept itself is not too complicated. It’s not actually anti-mascara as in no mascara — it’s just a way of using mascara that doesn’t involve putting it on your eyelashes. Intrigued? Here is a rundown of the anti-mascara trend, how to do it yourself, and some of the best examples.

How To Do The Anti-Mascara Trend

There are no strict rules for how to do an anti-mascara look, but the main element is that it uses mascara in virtually any way other than on the eyelashes. People have tried all kinds of uses for it. The most popular option is to use it on eyelids for a dark and spackled look. To achieve this, simply drag a soft mascara wand on the lids and up to towards the eyebrows until you have deposited the desired amount of product. Then, simply take an eyeshadow brush and blend it out. This looks especially nice in combination with black eyeliner.

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Another way the anti-mascara trend on TikTok has been used is almost like a graphic liner in itself. Taking the tip of the wand and drawing various shapes around the eyes can yield some fantastic results. You can stick to a simple round shape over the lid, or you can go for an abstract effect, creating asymmetry in the face.

Mascara can really be used in any way you want, even on lips and noses. No matter how you use it, it creates a bold and dramatic look with lots of interesting little details.

Examples Of The Anti-Mascara Trend

If you’re curious to give this look a go, there’s no better way to learn than to see how others are doing it. So here are some of the best examples of the anti-mascara trend on TikTok, starting with the creator @divinamuse who originated it. These different methods show that you can really do anti-mascara makeup any way you want — messy, avant garde, simple, complex, big, small. The only limits are your imagination. That and the amount of mascara you have available.


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@divinamuse created the anti mascara trend and it helps validate my inability to put on mascara ♬ original sound – ava

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