What Is The Tragic Greek Figure Quiz And How To Take It
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What Is The Tragic Greek Figure Quiz And How To Take It

Zoe Kramer January 27, 2023

There is a long legacy of internet quizzes spanning every subject imaginable. And yet, somehow Greek figures of tragedy seems like an unusual choice for a personality quiz. This may be why this quiz has become massively popular over social media, especially on TikTok. It just goes to show how impactful and immortal some of these characters have become. So if you’re a nerd for Greek legends or just curious about them, here is how you can take this quiz.

What Is The Tragic Greek Figure Quiz

The Tragic Greek Figure Quiz is a short internet quiz where you answer a series of questions, and then you will be assigned a tragic figure from Greek legend based on your responses. Seeing yourself in characters is part of what makes reading stories fun, so it’s easy to see why this quiz has become so popular.

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How To Take The Tragic Greek Figure Test

If you want to try the quiz for yourself, head on over to uQuiz and give it a go. You will answer the 13 questions sequentially. To get the most accurate result, it is best to answer the questions as truthfully as you can. Of course, if you’re gunning for a specific result, you don’t have to. The way. you take the quiz is up to you. Once you’re done, you can receive your result, which will be one of 11 possible answers.

What Does The Result Mean?

The test has 11 possible answers, but you may not be familiar with each of these characters. So, here is a short description of each one.

Achilles was one of the heroes of the Trojan War. Bellerophon is known for defeating the Chimera. Arachne could weave better than the goddess Athena, who turned her into a spider out of envy. Cyparissus was a prince beloved of Apollo who died of grief after accidentally killing his pet stag. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus who demanded proper burial for her brother. Orpheus is the mythical singer whose songs could move the rocks to tears. Patroclus is Achilles’ beloved who died at Troy. Odysseus is the clever king of Ithaca whose misadventures make up the Odyssey. Pentheus was a king of Thebes who died after denying the divinity of Dionysus. Icarus had a set of wax wings built by his father, and died when he flew too close to the sun and caused them to melt. Orestes committed matricide under the guidance of Apollo and was pursued by the Erinyes.

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