2022 has been a great year for music. So many talented artists have released albums this year that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. So here’s a look back at what this year sounded like, and what were the biggest albums of 2022.

Un Verano Sin Ti – Bad Bunny

This album was in the charts for a mind-boggling 30 weeks out of the year, making it the longest-reigning album of 2022. Bad Bunny’s fourth studio album is an ode to Puerto Rico that has psychedelic, reggaeton, cumbia and indie pop influences. It’s a warm, poolside album that deals with heartbreak, diaspora and the importance of rest.

Midnights – Taylor Swift

Midnights was the biggest release of the year, selling 1.578 million units in its first week. While it may have generated an immense amount of hype among fans, the album itself has a subdued, dark-pop feel rather than the bright energy of some of the powerhouse tracks of Taylor Swift‘s past. It’s an introspective yet self-assured look at romance, gender roles and karma.

Taylor Swift Advertising At HMV The Vault In Birmingham
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Harry’s House – Harry Styles

This album sold the most physical copies this year of any album. Its light and airy atmospheric sound made it a hit among long-time fans as well as the general public. The album isn’t overly concerned with saying anything profound, instead resting comfortably in the realm of mood and uncomplicated enjoyment.

Mr. Morale And The Big Steppers – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has changed the game and had praise heaped on him for it – but with praise comes pressure. Mr. Morale And The Big Steppers is Lamar’s return to music after a five-year break from his last album. The album reflects on the messiah image he’s developed, and reminds fans that he is a flawed human just like everyone else. It’s a cathartic and raw look at family, cyclical violence, and institutional racism.

Renaissance – Beyoncé

With Lemonade not only gaining critical acclaim but becoming a phenomenon in its own right, the bar set for superstar Beyoncé was higher than ever going into her seventh solo album. Renaissance is all about cutting loose, club nights and dance floors. It has nods to LGBT+ and ballroom culture as well as disco. It’s an extra, maximalist party album, but it’s not just about partying for the sake of partying. Dancing can be a form of therapy; especially for some of the most marginalized people in our society.

Do you agree? What were the biggest albums of 2022 in your opinion?

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