Where Does The 'Oh, who is she?' TikTok Song Come From?
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Where Does The 'Oh, who is she?' TikTok Song Come From?

Jasmyne Jeffery December 14, 2022

You’ve probably heard it all over your For You page in the last few days, particularly if you’ve seen a lot of the Zoolander memes. It’s short and snappy and great for creating hilarious memes, but where does the ‘Oh, who is she?’ TikTok song come from?

We’ve loved all of the videos that have come from the sound and even shared our favourite Zoolander memes already. It’s increased massively in popularity over the last few days on TikTok as it’s such an adaptable sound. However, what’s used on the app is only a short snippet of the song, and people want to know what the whole song is.

The ‘Oh, who is she?’ TikTok Song

On the app, the song is called YoTube Astrocapella and it already has over 40k videos attached to it. Most of them are people’s takes on the Zoolander meme, but some others are using it for other memes entirely. That being said 99 per cent of them are of a pouting Ben Stiller.

And whilst people are using the ‘Oh, who is she?’ TikTok song with hilarious effects, but that’s not actually what it’s called.

The song is actually called Immortal She Return To Me (Who is She) by an artist called I Monster. Surprisingly, it came out almost 20 years ago in 2003, so it’s older than quite a lot of TikTok users! From the album Neveroddoreven, the song is classed as Electronic dance/Alternative indie.

As with many sounds on TikTok, the actual song sounds quite different from what we are used to. It’s much slower, deeper and lasts more than 6 seconds. Available on both Spotify and Apple Music, you can save it to your TikTok playlist if the trending song has captivated you.

Looking at TikTok, it looks like many people want to know more about the song. Immortal She Return To Me has a huge 26.7 million views, with fans creating amazing edits to the TikTok song.

What Is The TikTok Song About?

According to Song Meanings, the song is connected to a book from the late 19th century called She: A History of Adventure.

In the book, an African goddess falls in love with a mortal boy and they both wish for him to become immortal so they can be together. The only way to do this is for him to bathe in the pillar of fire. Uncertain of its safety, the boy is hesitant so the goddess goes into it first.

Immediately, her immortality is lost and she begins to wither, becoming her true age of millions of years old. Before dying, she tells the boy that she will return.

Clearly, a story like this is very adaptable, but we’re not sure the other would have imagined the Zoolander meme would make it so popular again.

Will you read the original story or listen to the actual song? For now, we think we’ll just keep enjoying the hilarious memes.

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