Where You've Seen The Traitors UK Cast Before
BBC's The Traitors UK
The Traitors,29-11-2022,(L-R) Amos, Maddy, Fay, Ivan, John, Theo, Kieran, Andrea, Wilfred, Meryl, Alyssa, Tom, Claudia Winkleman, Aisha, Imran, Alex, Claire, Nicky, Matt, Amanda, Rayan, Hannah, Aaron.,The Traitors is a new reality competition series built on strategy and suspicion, filmed in the Scottish Highlands. A team of players will compete in a series of missions. The more missions they win, the bigger the prize pot. However, amongst the players lie the ‘Traitors’. The Traitors will meet in secret and decide who to eliminate of their fellow players known as the ‘Faithfuls’. The aim of the Traitors is to stay undetected until the end of the game. Whilst trying to avoid being eliminated, the Faithfuls must figure out who is a Traitor and vote them out so they can share the money between the remaining Faithfuls. However, if any Traitors make it to the end, they will steal the prize money for themselves. Throughout the season, there will be twists, turns and surprises for the players. A game of trust and treachery… do you have what it takes to play? The Traitors is produced for the BBC by Studio Lambert Associates.,Studio Lambert Associates,Mark Mainz

Where You've Seen The Traitors UK Cast Before

Jasmyne Jeffery December 12, 2022

If you’ve been watching The Traitors UK and have a niggling feeling that you’ve seen some of them before, then you’re not wrong. The cast is made of a few faces that have been on our screens before and here is where you’ve seen them.

We’ve all been gripped by the new reality TV show The Traitors over the last couple of weeks. The new kind of game/reality show has fans begging for more after each episode ends. What fans are also asking is where they’ve seen some of the cast before.

Where You’ve Seen The Traitors UK Cast Before

This isn’t the first time a few of the cast have been in the spotlight, with some having had glimpses of fame before.

Alex Gray

Alex and Tom’s hidden(ish) relationship has been a highlight of the series, particularly when the truth finally came out. As her profession, Alex has actor and presenter listed, but what has she done?

Well, acting-wise, Alex plays one of the characters in the Love Island game and features heavily in scripted videos on the Julius Dein YouTube channel. However, her presenting work has seen her do small roles with ITV, The World of Poker tour and Nissan. She’s even interviewed stars such as Yungblud and Dr Alex George.

Tom Elderfield

The next fame-seeker from The Traitors UK cast is Tom Elderfield. Tom’s explosive downfall from unsuspected to a potentially career-destroying move had everyone gasping at their TVs. The Traitors UK star mentioned a few times about being a magician, but that’s not all he’s done either.

Tom also lists presenting and acting on his Instagram. He co-presents a magic show for kids on Sky as well as another magic show, Smoke & Mirrors.

Acting-wise, it seems his CV is a little thin on the ground. Tom’s IMDb lists that he was featured on an episode of Dirty Tricks, but only as a magic consultant.

Perhaps we’ll see more of him on our screens in the future.

Maddy Smedley

In The Traitors UK, Maddy is known for getting the answers right but definitely needs to improve her method. Out of all the contestants, it might be her that you’ve seen the most.

She’s told all the other contestants that she’s a receptionist, but actually, she’s had some serious acting gigs too.

Maddy appeared in multiple episodes of Eastenders in 2021 as Rita and starred in an episode of Casualty earlier this year as Jasmine.

Screenshot taken from Casualty series 36 episode 17 ‘She’s My Baby’ from BBC iPlayer.

We can only expect that the bubbly detective can only land some even bigger roles from her The Traitors UK stint.

What About The Other Traitors UK Cast?

That’s right, these three aren’t the only ones to dabble with fame. John, the spa therapist has been on an episode of Eastenders.

Wilfred, the traitor everybody suspects, is a TikTok influencer with over 250k followers. Hannah, the comedian, has a successful podcast talking about all things spooky.

Even Meryl was on an episode of Blankety Blank earlier this year!

It seems that most of them have either been on our screens before or trying to be in the future!

Hopefully, that’s answered your questions about where you’ve seen some of The Traitors UK cast before.

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