Who Is Romy Mars, Sofia Coppola's Daughter, After TikTok Goes Viral?
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Who Is Romy Mars, Sofia Coppola's Daughter, After TikTok Goes Viral?

Jasmyne Jeffery March 22, 2023

Everyone’s been grounded by their parents for one reason or another. However, we seriously doubt that many have been punished for what Romy Mars did. After sharing the TikTok video, Sofia Coppola’s daughter has gone viral for the hilarious and very unusual anecdote.

Being grounded is a right of passage and it looks like even Hollywood’s nepotism babies misbehave from time to time. Just the resources they have access to might be a little more than most. Romy Mars shared a hilarious reason for why she was grounded which has taken the internet by storm, but who is the young star?

Who Is Romy Mars?

Romy Mars is the 16-year-old daughter of Celebrity couple Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars. The young star had quite the following on TikTok, however, her account and viral video have now been deleted.

Romy’s mother is Sofia Coppola, the actress and filmmaker best known for Lost in Translation, for which she won an Oscar, and Marie Antoinette. She is the only child of Francis Ford Coppola who famously made The Godfather.

Her father Thomas Croquet, better known as Thomas Mars, is a French singer in the indie band, Phoenix.

When Romy was 13, she made her modelling debut for Marc Jacobs, having known the designer all of her life.

Since then, she’s stayed out of the limelight. That is until she revealed all in a now-deleted TikTok that has got everyone’s attention.

Sofia Coppla’s Daughter’s TikTok Video Goes Viral

It looks as if Romy wanted to try her hand at filmmaking too… but it didn’t quite go as planned.

The teen created a TikTok account and posted a video making the viral vodka pasta sauce, explaining that she had been grounded. Not only that but she wasn’t allowed social media but as she had already been punished, clearly Sofia Coppola’s daughter thought the damage had already been done.

Like the rest of us in one sense, we also got onto TikTok because we were bored.

Though the account and video have now been deleted gone, nothing is ever completely gone on the internet and the video is doing the rounds on Twitter.

Most of us have been grounded for staying out too late. Maybe we’ve broken an ornament or chatted back to our parents. Not Romy Mars. She has grounded for trying to charter a helicopter to see her friend on her dad’s credit card. So, our similarities to Sofia Coppola’s daughter truly ended with ‘made a TikTok account.’

Giving us Kendal Jenner chopping cucumber vibes, Romy shares that she doesn’t know the difference between onion and garlic, even after Googling it. Someone really needs to give these nepo babies a cooking lesson.

She also showed us her babysitter’s boyfriend and cute dog in the video, calling him and her sitter her “replacement parents.”

The 16-year-old also said that TikTok wouldn’t make her famous. Unfortunately, she seems to have proven her parents right with just one video.

The whole scenario is absolutely wild but we are 100 per cent hear for it. Here’s hoping more Gen Z nepotism babies give us more of this unmissable content.

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