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Who Is Whisper On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer March 31, 2023

A horror character named Whisper has caught the attention of the Internet lately after videos of them meeting Stranger Things star Jamie Campbell Bower became popular, garnering millions of views. However, these videos have raised as many questions for fans as they have answered. What is the story behind all of this — and who exactly is this mysterious and lovable creature? Here is everything you need to know about TikTok’s latest cosplay icon, and the answer to the question: Who Is Whisper on TikTok?

Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

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Who Is Whisper?

Whisper is a character with pale white skin, white eyes, long black hair, and black makeup on their eyes and lips. Their appearance may be frightening to some, but underneath all of the spookiness, they seem to have a very sweet personality. They enjoy exploring new things (such as investigating green slime). Many have described Whisper as a ‘comfort creature,’ and it turns out Whisper has a comfort creature of their own — a giant teddy bear named Willow. They communicate mainly through raccoon-like chattering noises and friendly (although slightly scary looking) notes.

Their most popular video is of them meeting actor Jamie Campbell Bower at a horror convention. Bower is known for his role as Vecna on the most recent season of Stranger Things, as well as roles in Sweeney Todd, The Mortal Instruments, The Twilight Saga, and Harry Potter. Whisper wrote Bower a note and presented it to him. However, the tables turned when Bower turned out to be just as much a fan of Whisper as Whisper was of him. The two met a second time as well, sharing mutual admiration.

Whisper’s content is on the account @spookersnz, which is the account for Spookers Haunted Attraction Theme Park, a haunted house attraction in a former psychiatric hospital in New Zealand. Perhaps this means that those who go the park might run into Whisper, if they’re lucky. Regardless, the videos alone are a lot of fun to watch and give quite a bit of insight into this intriguing character.

Whisper’s Best TikTok Videos

Of course, it’s impossible to describe Whisper through words alone. If you really want to get a sense of who Whisper is, the best way is to have a look at their videos. So, here are some of Whisper’s best videos on TikTok.


Jamie Campbell Bower having a fangirl moment meeting Whisper at Armageddon this weekend 🥹🖤 #jamiecampbellbower #whisper #spookers #strangerthings #vecna #armageddonnz #strangerthings4

♬ original sound – Spookers Haunted Attractions

Whisper is comfort creature to many of you, here’s them sharing their own: Willow! 🧸 #spookers #whisper #zombie #asmr #comfortcreature #comfort #relax #comforttok #hauntedattraction #scareactor #cute #teddybear

♬ original sound –

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