Why Is December 7 Important With US Flags At Half-Staff?
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Why Is December 7 Important With US Flags At Half-Staff?

Jasmyne Jeffery December 7, 2022

People in the US are wondering why December 7 is important after noticing that the US flag is at Half-Staff today. The day isn’t very well known but holds historical military importance.

Many young people have been wondering why US flags are at half-staff today after noticing individuals lowering the symbol. If you’re confused and asking why is December 7 important, we have the reason why.

Why Is December 7 Important?

US flags have been lowered to half-staff today to remember an important military event.

Today, (December 7), the National World War II Museum in America commemorates the Pearl Harbor Attacks that happened on December 7 1941.

The event is known as ‘The Day That Will Live In Infamy’ with the museum asking the American public to take a moment of reflection on what was such a troubling day.

Each year, the US flag is put to half-staff as a sign of remembrance and respect for all the lives lost.

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What Happened At Pearl Harbor?

Japan and the US had a strained relationship since the nineteenth century. This came to a head in World War I when Japan was a Nazi ally and America joined the fight against them.

The President at the time, Franklin D. Roosevelt, moved the US Pacific Fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. This was much closer to Japan than before and intensified the simmering tensions between the two countries.

Japan needed a great strike to seize western colonies and make sure that the US military could not intervene. Therefore, they landed at Pearl Harbor.

On December 7 1941, the US base was completely unprepared when Japan launched their military plan against them. In under 2 hours, 19 warships were destroyed and 300 aircraft. Over 2,400 US servicemen lost their lives.

Almost half of these were crewmembers of the USS Arizona which sank within minutes of being bombed. This resulted in more than a million dollars worth of ammunition being ignited. To this day, the remains of the ship are in the waters of Pearl Harbor.

Since the devastating event, and the US’ later counterattack, the two countries have been allies. However, the day is still widely remembered and grieved.

Ever since US citizens and politicians often lower the American flag to half-staff on December 7 to show their respect for the lives lost in 1941.

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