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Why The Full Moon In May 2023 Is Called The Flower Moon

Jasmyne Jeffery May 4, 2023

We all just know it as the moon, but often each month it gets a different title. In fact, the full moon in May 2023 is called the super flower moon. Ahead of its arrival, we have a look at why it gets this name, as well as the spiritual meaning behind it.

Even if you’re not a particularly spiritual person, you can’t deny that the moon has a huge impact on our lives. Without it, life on Earth wouldn’t be the same…if there would even be life at all. Some take a little more interest in it and consider how it can affect us in different ways.

As a result of this, the moon often gets different titles depending on what the month entails. For May, it’s the flower moon.

Why Is The Full Moon In May 2023 The Flower Moon?

May’s full moon gets the flower name because it’s associated with blooming.

By this time of the year, we’re now in the full swing of Spring. Especially in 2023, the warmer weather is finally arriving, meaning there’s an abundance of flowers blooming each day, bringing colour back into the world.

Often, it seems to happen overnight, under the watchful eye of the moon and that’s how it gets its name.

This year, there’s a super flower moon in May 2023, meaning it will appear bigger and brighter in the sky. It will actually be one of the biggest appearances of our celestial neighbour, so you won’t want to miss it.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Super Flower Moon

The super flower moon will have a more intense impact this month, with it shining brighter in our sky. It’s associated with vulnerability, self-care and being more intimate with ourselves.

This makes sense when considering the connection to blooming flowers this month. After all, they will be evolving and growing and eventually becoming the best version of themselves. This is the mentality you should have for your own personal journey this month.

Just like a flower, you need nourishment, but you are also fragile. Ensure that you dedicate time during the super flower moon to be vulnerable with yourself and truly recognise your needs. Consider if something is missing in your life that could make you blossom and achieve your full potential.

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Have a look at what’s rooting you to happiness and what’s been weeding its way into your life. Part ways with anything that’s holding you back. Use the moon to bathe in its extra bright light, taking in its purpose and power as you continue through the month and into the rest of the year.

To prepare for the moon, envision yourself as a seed and what you need this month to grow. Plan how you can be the best version of yourself, in touch with yourself and as happy and fulfilled as possible. Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable, as this can open up doors to a brighter future.

What It Means For The Different Zodiac Signs

With anything, the super flower moon in May will have slightly different implications for everybody. According to Pop Sugar, here is how it could affect you, depending on your zodiac star sign:

  • Aquarius: Take a keen look at how you’re perceived this month and make sure it’s what you want. This is also a month for career progression.
  • Pisces: Go ahead and scratch that travel itch this month, because it’s time for an adventure. This is the time for furthering your learning, so you may also consider taking classes to learn something new.
  • Aries: Adler says this flower moon is the perfect time for Aries to focus on inner healing. It’s a good time for therapy or other work that helps you navigate your subconscious.
  • Taurus: Taurus should focus on their relationships during this month. All of your intimate one-on-one relationships deserve your attention and care.
  • Gemini: Take a look at your mental and physical health during this month, and consider how you want to be of service to the world.
  • Cancer: Creativity can shine this month, Cancer. Dive into your passions and let them take over because you never know where they may lead you.
  • Leo: This month is all about your home life for Leos. This intimate space needs cultivation and love, so pour your energy there.
  • Virgo: Take a look at how you’re communicating with others this month especially calling out how this month could also influence relationships with siblings if you have them.
  • Libra: May could just be a month of financial progress for Libras. Whether this is coming into financial success or simply figuring out a recent financial strain remains to be seen.
  • Scorpio: The flower moon in May is asking Scorpio to welcome all parts of you. It’s also a time to focus on your sense of self and identity.
  • Sagittarius: Don’t be afraid to spend time alone during the flower moon. Solitude can do you some good and recharge your energy while helping you slow down your pace of life.
  • Capricorn: Seek out peers and allies that will support you in setting goals and creating a strategic plan for your future. These people will be crucial to your month.

Crucially, embraces the full moon in May 2023 in a way that benefits you the most.

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