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Why TikTok Is Going Wild For T27 Christmas Tree

Zoe Kramer November 24, 2022

With the festive season approaching, many people are beginning to brighten up their homes with Christmas decorations. Of course, it’s always the most practical option to simply use the decorations that you’ve already got tucked away in the attic. But it’s hard to overlook the shiny new Christmas displays at department and hardware stores. It’s especially difficult not to be tempted by the brand new Christmas trees. One Christmas tree in particular has put TikTok and the internet at large into a frenzy – a model called T27. Here’s everything you need to know about this tree and why it’s become so popular.

What is the T27 Christmas Tree?

The T27 is the name of an artificial Christmas tree sold by Home Depot. Also known as a Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Christmas tree, the T27 has many impressive characteristics that are drawing in customers.

Standing 7.5 feet tall, this tree’s stand-out feature is that it comes with pre-installed LED lighting. That means that, with this tree, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wrapping lights around it like you normally would. A remote control that comes with the tree allows you to adjust the lights and their colour to create a number of effects. Then, you can simply go straight to hanging ornaments on it.

No wonder people are going wild for it. In short, it makes decorating your home a lot easier.

Photo by Morgane Le Breton on Unsplash

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How much is the T27 tree?

The tree retails for $349 and also comes in a 9 foot model which costs $499. Much of the hype around the tree comes from the fact that it is selling quickly, and many people want to get their hands on one while they can. This comes in conjunction with Thanksgiving taking place on 24 November, causing Home Depot locations to be closed for the holiday.

Can You Buy the T27 Christmas Tree in the UK?

Unfortunately, the T27 is sold only by Home Depot and is therefore unavailable in the UK, unless you were to import it. Even if you were to find access to Home Depot shopping from abroad, the T27 is selling fast, which means you might not get a chance to snap it up before it gets sold out.

However, if the T27 tree and its LED setup has caught your eye, you may be able to find something similar. M&S and Argos sell pre-lit Christmas trees at a range of prices. Not all of them have the same lighting capabilities as the coveted T27, but they will spare you hanging the lights yourself, and will create a nonetheless festive atmosphere.

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