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What Are The Best Things About Winter?

Cicely McFarlane November 21, 2022

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what are the best things about winter? There are definitely parts of this season which some people think have become too commercialised, too expensive, or entail earlier nights as the days are shorter. This can sometimes remind people of having to continuously stay in over the past couple of years due to COVID-19.

However, no one can deny that, when you are younger, Christmas is without a doubt the most exciting time of year.

You see your surroundings change as decorations go up and, of course, presents are traditionally given and received.

But apart from this, there are many other aspects to this seasonal holiday and festive events that many should partake in if they wish to feel excited at this time of year instead of anxious or slightly concerned.

Below are some of the best things that come with this colder weather and longer nights.

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Potential Snowfall

No matter where you are, if you are lucky enough to experience snow at Christmas, a magical time of year just got even better.

However, if a flurry or two does occur even without the snow actually settling, it can send a rush of excitement even into those who claim to be the most Scrooge like.

Having something in the UK which is completely out of the norm like snow can change people’s attitude and enable them to see the lighter side of this season.

Ice skating, as well going to some winter activity parks, also fall under this type of excitement.

Wearing a big puffer jacket, gloves and a scarf as you toboggan down a hill or go tube sliding down a dry slope in the crisp winter air can be a really unbeatable feeling.

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Social Evenings

Whether you are a student or in work, it is quite usual for your company or social leaders to throw a Christmas event.

This could involve getting dressed up and going for a nice dinner, having a few drinks down your local, or heading into town for a show as a special treat as a group.

Even if you are not the most social character, bonding at this special time of year with your colleagues or university friends can be a great memory to look back on.

This also gives you the excuse to splash out on a new outfit if you want to look your very best for this Christmassy season.


Winter is a time of year when you can get out the cookbook and make some of your festive favourites; whether this be gingerbread houses or a Christmas fruit cake.

Making your own Christmas food traditions and serving them in winter can be something that you may have waited all year to do.

This can be done while also enjoying some of your festive favourite films. Some movies I would highly recommend include Love Actually, Nativity, Alf, and The Grinch.

These films cover all the basic themes and can really be enjoyed while tucking into some festive treats.

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