We’re all curious about what our kids would look like in the future, and now there’s technology to do just that. A site and an AI Capcut template now predicts the baby face of your children and everyone is having a go. Now, it’s going viral on TikTok.

Artificial intelligence has exploded on the internet in the last year, most predominantly with the rise of ChatGPT. However, the technology is now being used far and wide, including seeing what your kids could look like.

No one can resist the temptation, and now the AI predicting your baby’s face has gone viral on social media.

How The AI Predicts Your Baby’s Face

Though there are features on Capcut that people have used on TikTok before, there’s now a site showing you want your children would look like.

Millions have already got involved, and here’s how you can too.

There are a couple of sites that offer the service, but the most popular one seems to be this one. Head there and upload a picture of the couple. This will need to be either a JPEG or a PNG and your face should take up most of the photo. It’s also recommended to do it from your computer for the best results.

Once uploaded, simply click run and the AI extracts features from both ‘parents’. It then combines them and places them on a randomly selected HD photo of a baby to produce the baby’s face. The whole process takes less than a minute and your data will be deleted after 24 hours.

What’s even better is that it’s completely free, even to download the AI-predicted baby face once it’s done.

There’s also an AI baby Capcut template which you can copy from a video on TikTok if you already have the app downloaded.

The Baby Face AI Goes Viral On TikTok

As with anything the internet loves, it appears on TikTok in no time. The hashtag #aibaby has a huge 8.7 million views with hundreds of videos attached to it.

Though not all are using the above site, it shows the massive interest we all have in predicting what our babies will look like! Sure, AI can be a little scary at times, but for stuff like this, it’s clearly pretty fun.

This user was pretty happy with her results. We can’t lie, that baby is pretty cute. Let’s just hope there’s no disappointment if her actual kid doesn’t look the same!

Lots have also been using the AI baby Capcut template to predict their baby’s face for TikTok and it has some great results too.


#CapCut okay… ai is getting too freaky bevsuse it’s wonky, but actually oretty damn close. 😳 #babyprediction #ai

♬ so this is love – soft girl aesthetic

Some have even used the Capcut template to compare it to their actual children, and the results are a little freaky!

There are clearly a couple to get an ai prediction of your baby’s face. Either way, you could get a funny image or something pretty accurate.

If you already have Capcut then you can use the template on there, copying it from someone who has already used it on TikTok. It works the same way as the site, needing a clear face photo from each parent.

Using some editing magic, you can share your version on TikTok and get involved with the viral trend.

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