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Barbie Movie Meme Takes Over With Hilarious Posters

Jasmyne Jeffery April 6, 2023

Sure, making your own version and pretending you were in the film is fun. However, what’s even better is enjoying everyone else’s hard work as they use the selfie generator for evil. Well, not evil, but putting our favourite characters and more into the template with hilarious results. Here’s the very best of the Barbie movie meme, taking the internet by storm.

We’re all excited about the Barbie movie coming out on July 21. And there’s no better way to share our love and excitement than through memes. After the movie released the Barbie Selfie Generator to create your own poster, we all flocked to it to pretend we were involved in the film. However, many decided against using a selfie and instead chose images of other people with their own taglines. The results mean we now have the meme circling the internet, with people from all kinds of fandoms coming together to create them.

Barbie Movie Meme Has People Creating Hilarious ‘Character’ Posters

Their on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more. Fans have created them, but even companies, TV shows and celebrities have made their own. When we say it’s taken over the internet, we truly mean it. Here are some of our favourites from the Barbie movie meme.

There’s no better way to start than with everyone’s favourite bear. On a side note, if you don’t follow this account, we really recommend it.

Because we’ll never not be obsessed with Pedro Pascal.

A truly horrifying moment from the original Spider-Man trilogy.

Not sure if the Barbie movie will go in this direction but part of us hope it does.

A Grammy’s moment we’ll never forget.

He’s a Barbie that doesn’t wear designer.

Even the musical theatre fandom are loving the Barbie movie posters.

And he looks nothing like anyone called Colin, either.

What a movie this would be if the great Catherine Cawood was involved.

Maybe they’ll be doing the soundtrack like they did Twilight.

There are countless versions of the the Barbie movie posters, so we guarantee they’ll be one that’s tailored to your humour. Though this is the most popular meme to come so far, there are already multiple trailer screengrabs being used as a template, as well as the ‘tickets to see Barbie’ meme resurfacing.

It’s still a good few months until the movie is due to come out, so there’s plenty of time for more memes to take over the internet.

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