Best Things To Do On A Rainy Sunday
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Best Things To Do On A Rainy Sunday

Manon Lamy October 30, 2022

Let’s face it. Summer is over and with that so is the good weather. That’s the UK. Now it means we need ways to entertain ourselves during the colder months. Plenty of us are university students, so most of our time is spent working. However, it’s nice to step away from our electronics and do something truly relaxing. Wondering what things to do on a rainy Sunday doesn’t have to be tough.

So put away your computer and get ready to relax (well after you’ve finished this article otherwise how are you going to get the ideas you need for your relaxing time?).

Craft a handmade banner

Grab yourself a handmade banner kit from Jarrold (£22.50) and get ready to unleash your creativity. This fun craft kit comes with easy and simple instructions on how to make your own banner and customise it however you want. The kit comes with everything you might need! The banner (the main thing), ink and paintbrush as well as tracing and carbon paper.

All in all, what else could you need that the craft kit doesn’t come with? Not much. Just your creativity. Using the letter template provided, start thinking of what your banner will say. The best thing: it can say whatever you want. Be brave, be happy, rock and roll. The choice is yours.

Using this kit will save you the hassle of getting all the materials and makes the experience of creating the banner a lot easier!

Put on a movie or settle in front of a show and get crafting. From drawing the letters, to painting them with the ink, the whole process of crafting this banner is so relaxing. Even if your artistic skills are nonexistent, this banner will make an arty project that is also useful.

If you wish, you can add even more customisation to the banner! The great thing is you are the master of this one. Draw anything you want; write anything you want. You can never guess how relaxing painting is. What better to paint on something that you can use as decoration later on!

Self Care Sunday

Once again, put your phone away and get ready to relax and reset. You’ve had a long and busy week and now it is time to relax and reset, because you are likely to have another busy week ahead. If you can, take a nice warm bubble bath. Winter is coming, autumn is already here. The weather is changing (not all for the best) so you must adapt too!

And if you don’t have a bath then opt to take a nice warm shower, with some fun and nice smelling products That will be just as nice! Sing in the shower, do a hair mask: just do anything that will make you happy. Once you’ve taken your shower the relaxing continues.

Give yourself a mani pedi (boy, girl, non-binary), do a face mask and chill out. Enjoy the moment. And the face mask is a fun activity you can do with your housemates. But if you are looking for chill, alone time than this is perfect to do alone too.

Do some baking

This is all about letting go of our electronics and doing something fun and relaxing. If you bake the good thing is you are going to have a treat as a reward of your hard work.

But baking doesn’t have to be hard. We’re not saying you need to recreate those impressive chocolate statues you might have seen on Instagram but do what makes you happy.

However, if you don’t want to do a giant chocolate statues, Pinterest is a gold mine of fun recipes. Vegan, Gluten Free whatever your diet is Pinterest will have a fun recipe for you.

P.S: you can never go very wrong with a brownie. So simple, so easy, and so good.

Read a book

If you’re a university student, chances are you have to read a lot. So you might not want to read too much outside of Uni. However, there is nothing better than reading inside whilst it’s raining outside. Today we’re encouraging you to go find a book that has nothing to do with your studies.

Here at Freshered we have multiple book guides to help you find your next great read. If you want to read something seasonable and Halloweeny then this guide might be the one for you. However, if you want to escape back to summer this guide on the best books to read at the beach might be more your thing.

Adult colouring books

If painting on a craft banner isn’t what you’re looking for but you still want to unleash your artistic self? Then maybe trying some of those adult colouring books could be the way to go. You might be thinking: a colouring book? Is that really something I might be interesting in trying? Trust me. You will.

You can find these colouring books on Amazon or Waterstones and there is always plenty of choice. From flowers to Harry Potter, to the Great British Bake Off colouring book there is something for everyone out there. And they can be really inexpensive and you can have fun with it for quite a long time!

Bonus: there are so many benefits to colouring in an adult colouring book. One of them being that it’ll relax your brain so that you are all ready for the week of work ahead.

Watch a movie like in the cinema

Want to watch a movie but don’t really want to go out to the cinema? Then grab your computer and close your uni work because that is one of the best ways to relax. Close the curtains, pop some popcorn and turn on whatever movie you want.

Phones off and relax. I promise you that you will feel so much better. That’s another fun activity to do on your own but something fun to do with your house mates as well. But choose whatever will relax you the most!

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