Fake Taylor Swift UK Tour Dates For Eras And Midnights Disappoint Fans
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Fake Taylor Swift UK Tour Dates For Eras And Midnights Disappoint Fans

Jasmyne Jeffery January 17, 2023

Fans have been left disappointed after fake dates and venues circulated on TikTok for the Taylor Swift UK tour of Eras. The information sent fans scouring the web to secure tickets, only to find there weren’t any.

Taylor Swift fans outside of America have been eagerly awaiting tour dates since the release of Midnights and American dates. It looked as if there was light at the end of the tunnel when UK tour dates and venus started appearing all over TikTok. However, it was too good to be true and it was all fake. After serious issues with the tickets when the Eras tour went on sale in the US, thousands of fans are not-so-patiently waiting for an official announcement.

Fake Taylor Swift UK Tour Dates Circulate On TikTok

It was a mean, mean trick, but it definitely proved how gullible fans across TikTok are. Though the screenshots looked convincing, there has been no official announcement about Taylor Swift‘s UK tour dates. It seems pretty unlikely that they would turn up on TikTok first. However desperate fans were clutching at straws after seeing the screenshots on TikTok.

There were a couple of different pictures that circulated with different dates and venues for the Eras UK tour. It all started with ‘my dad sent me this,’ which sent the internet into a little bit of a frenzy.

Whilst the poster admitted that it looked fake, it didn’t stop hype building around the possibility of the date and venue.

“I have a friend whose mother works in events and she told me directly that Taylor is in the o2 in august time, it’s completely possible.” One commented, proving that our parents are doing all the hard work for us apparently.

However, many pointed out that The Weeknd is performing the night before, which wouldn’t leave much turnaround time for staging and other preparation.

“The Weeknd performs in Wembley on 18th August, I don’t think it’s possible.”

Although other fans believe that the site is legitimate, the typo at the bottom of the page is a definite red flag for some. It didn’t stop even more speculation arising, with even more Taylor Swift UK tour dates doing the rounds on TikTok.

More Taylor Swift Eras Tour Dates Appeared On TikTok Getting Hopes Up

The dates for this version of the Taylor Swift Eras UK tour would be more likely. It would mean that the singer would have a couple of months in between needing her US tour before heading overseas. Looking at Ticketmaster, the first leg of her tour doesn’t end until August 9 2023 in California, so it’s more likely she would take a little break after 4 months of touring before going on the road again.

However, the venues of these Eras UK tour speculation wouldn’t really make sense as they aren’t stadiums. If the huge amount of demand for the US dates is anything to go by, Taylor would definitely be playing Wembley and other large venues to accommodate all her fans.

This screenshot also says towards the bottom that the “dates are speculative” so they aren’t official yet. However, it does say that “UK dates for 2023 are set to be announced shortly.”

Is Taylor Swift Going On A UK Tour With Eras In 2023?

Whilst Taylor has confirmed that she will be touring internationally, there has been no confirmation that it will be in 2023. There also has been no confirmation that she will tour in the UK. However, she always has on previous tours so it would be very unlikely for her to miss out on the UK altogether.

When Taylor announced her Eras tour, she confirmed that international dates would be announced as soon as possible. More than two months later international fans are still waiting for dates to be announced.

It seems likely that lots of American fans would come to the UK and other international tour dates. Lots, unfortunately, missed out on the US dates after issues with Ticketmaster.

Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed for an official announcement soon. Until then, don’t go believing everything you see on TikTok! Wait for Miss Swift to confirm it herself before you go selling your car to get tickets.

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