How To Deal With Results Day Anxiety
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How To Deal With Results Day Anxiety

Cicely McFarlane August 18, 2022

Today was the first of a few results days in England, when fears and anxieties about the next stage of your life can set in.

Let alone whether you have met the criteria to go forward in your education, whether this before a certain university degree or course, moving into Sixth Form or securing an apprenticeship.

Waiting on results can be an extremely harrowing experience as you get some restless nights and imagine the worst case scenarios.

One important thing to remember is that these are just results. Even if you don’t get exactly what you wish, they do not define your work ethic or your worth.

What you make of your life and career can be solely down to attitude. If you have tried your best, that is what you must focus on.

There are always different routes into all sorts of careers and, in certain cases, you don’t have to take the standard traditional one, such as a university degree.

Here are some tips and tricks to deal with rising anxiety and pressures of what will be on your results day.

Practising Yoga

This is a great way to destress before learning where your next stage of your life will take you. Doing a short blast of this as soon as you wake up can really set your day up for the better.

You can use apps such as Downward Dog to promote your mental health and flexibility during this time of stress. Having a different focus other than waiting on results can be a great distraction.

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Make a Plan

As simple as this may sound, coming up with different ideas calmly and effectively, if you don’t quite get the results that you were hoping for, can help.

This can make that prospect on the day less stressful.

Preparing yourself for the worst is not always the best thing if you’re an overthinker. However if you are someone who strives on control and planning, having a few ideas on what you need to do if things don’t go your way can make the day less daunting.

Arrange a Day of Fun

The day before your results come out, of course it will be in everybody’s mind. However, making a special occasion due to all the effort and work that you put in over the years can be a great distraction.

Whether this means going for some drinks with your friends, organising a meal with your family, or cooking your favourite meal at home.

Having this time for yourself to truly see what an achievement you have made by coming this far is a great way to remember that, although exam results seem the most important thing right now, all you can do is your best.

Thinking positively about this whole day might spin it on its head and be far less intimidating than you originally thought.

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